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April 27, 2013

Billy Horschel


Q.  66, how satisfied are you with today's effort?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  I'm very satisfied.  I knew I needed to shoot a low one to get myself somewhat back in this tournament.  I felt like I did a good job.  It was a frustrating front side; I hit a lot of good shots, just couldn't get a putt to fall.  I just said, let's just go back and keep doing the same thing.  The ball has to start going in the hole sometime soon.  So it was nice.  The ball went in the hole, and it was a good day.

Q.  Three straight top 10s coming into the week.  What's it like to play with such consistency and confidence?
BILLY HORSCHEL:¬† It's nice.¬† It's what I strive for all the time.¬† I'm a perfectionist.¬† I want to play well week‑in and week‑out, whether that includes winning or not, it hasn't happened.¬† But I just want to give myself a chance every week to have a chance to win.
It's finally to the point where I felt like I was in college.  I always had a chance to win at every college event.  I was always in the top 10.  You can go back and look at the record book.  I feel like I'm back in that mindset of feeling that no matter where my game is going into the tournament coming up on Thursday, I know I can play well no matter how bad or how good it is.

Q.  What has past experience taught you about how to prepare for the final round?
BILLY HORSCHEL:¬† I think these last three tournaments I've played well in and had a chance to win, I keep taking stuff in each weekend.¬† I know tomorrow I've got to go chase the leader.¬† I'm not sure.¬† I think I'm three‑back right now.¬† I'm not sure how far back I will be.¬† But I've always felt a little more comfortable chasing knowing I need to play well and make some birdies.
I'm not sure if that means me focusing a little bit more, little more patient, little more relaxed.  But we're just going to go out and keep doing the same thing we've been doing the last several tournaments, and this weekend see where it ends up after tomorrow.

Q.  One thing you've done a good job of is giving yourself a lot of looks.  Hit 16 of 18 greens in the third round.
BILLY HORSCHEL:  Yeah, my ball striking has come around a lot.  Is it where I want it to be?  No.  I think it can get better.  I think I can hit a little more shots, in my opinion, in the center the club face a little bit more.
I drove the ball better today which is a big key to give myself a couple more iron shots.  But, the ball striking is coming around a lot.  Me and T.A. have done some good work the last couple of weeks.  If you're going to go low, you have to give yourself as many looks as you can, and that's what I'm trying to do out here.

Q.  Have you had any fun here off the golf course?  Have you been to the quarter at all?
BILLY HORSCHEL:  I love New Orleans.  It's a great place.  The food is great, the people are awesome.  I met some great people a couple years ago here, and we go out to some pretty nice restaurants, and we'll go to another good one tonight.  So the food is good here.  The people are great.  It's a great tournament.  Zurich does a great job.  It's one of my favorites all year.

Q.  I hear your golf's pretty good too.

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