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April 26, 2013

James Morrison


JAMES MORRISON:テつ Two long days, and it's mapped out very well.テつ Had a plan for this morning to sort of be minus six for the day including this morning, and I was actually minus eight for the day, which is always a bonus.テつ But I'm playing well, so I was looking forward to the day and it panned out very well.

Q.テつ Looked like you had plenty of chances and made the most of them?
JAMES MORRISON:テつ Definitely.テつ I played really, really solidly.テつ I did get a little bit lucky with the draw.テつ It wasn't that windy this morning and played really well.
The chances I did have that were pretty makeable, I missed.テつ And I holed two bombers, one on the ninth from bottom tier, straight in, and one on 16 from the bottom tier straight in.テつ So golf is a stupid game:テつ The ones you think you should get, you don't get.テつ The ones don't think you get, you get.テつ So that's the way it goes.

Q.テつ And it kind of makes you think, this is going to be my day, anyway, doesn't it.
JAMES MORRISON:テつ Yeah, exactly.テつ You always think it's going to be your day and it kind of was.

Q.テつ And this is your month.
JAMES MORRISON:テつ This is my month, yeah.テつ Barring my first year on Tour, the last two or three years have been very slow to April.テつ I don't know why or how.
So I'm not bothered by my slow start to the year, because, a, the season is so long; and b, I'm so used to it.テつ My friend texted me last week and said:テつ 'Well played, and it is April, after all.'
I've been playing well for a while, and the hard work is paying off.テつ I've really been working really hard, and it's just about being patient, and I've been patient and then I'm getting my rewards for it.

Q.テつ I think even Spain last week, there was evidence there, wasn't there, that the scores were coming as well?
JAMES MORRISON:テつ Massively.テつ I finished 21st there.テつ All year, I haven't really been shooting bad scores but just been not quite good enough and so much emphasis on trying to start quickly, trying to play well early.テつ Using the wrong sort of language in my brain and sort of trying too hard.
The last month, I've just tried to relax and do what I can do and it seems to be turning around, and a new caddie, too, the last two weeks.テつ So he's brought a different feel to the week.

Q.テつ This is Andy Forsyth, who worked with Paul Lawrie for so many years.
JAMES MORRISON:テつ A man of great experience.テつ And my old caddie, Richard, we had over two years, two great years, and it was a mutual parting and he's still a very good friend of mine.
But Andy is very experienced and strong, someone who I need, because my brain does wander and it is my weakness at points.テつ He keeping me in check so far the last two weeks, and I'm really, really enjoying it.

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