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April 26, 2013

Wade Ormsby


CALVIN KOH:テつ Wade, thank you for coming in, 7‑under, how are you feeling about your game?
WADE ORMSBY:テつ Game is in pretty good shape.テつ Obviously won a couple of weeks ago, took two weeks off so, yeah, trying to keep the form going.
CALVIN KOH:テつ Talk through how the last two days have been for you, Wade.
WADE ORMSBY:テつ Yeah, coming into the week, my rhythm was a little bit out, so I was just trying to work my way into the tournament.テつ And yesterday, started off 1‑over early.テつ But no, played pretty solid, so I'm quite happy with the way yesterday went.
And then today, I felt good straight out of the blocks.テつ So had a good back nine and then holed a couple of putts coming in.テつ So overall, nice putting, kept it in play, so it was good.

Q.テつ So you won your very first title in the Panasonic Open and you haven't won any tournament yet on The European Tour.テつ However it seems that you are doing very well in this Ballantine's Championship 2013, you are actually leading the very top in the second round, so I can tell that your shots are really good.テつ So obviously among The European Tour games, I think that the Ballantine's Championship is one of the biggest ones, so how confident are you to win this match and what are your strategies?
WADE ORMSBY:テつ Yeah, obviously Panasonic was my first event, I played probably 175 events in Europe, never won on The European Tour.テつ Second had been my best result in the New Zealand Open.
Yeah, sure, it's a big event, still the same process, it's still playing golf.テつ So game feels good, so I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and see where I finish up.

Q.テつ So congratulations first of all for your good performance in the second rounds.テつ My question has to do with weather, obviously because of the weather, I think that some of the players had long waiting time and sometimes they ends up losing their swing rhythm.テつ So I wanted to ask what kind of affect the weather had on your play, and in case you lose that swing rhythm, is there any special know‑how that you have in order to gain back that rhythm?
WADE ORMSBY:テつ No player likes the stops and starts, because it's difficult to get the pace of the green, get your rhythm.テつ However, we don't probably have long enough to go to the range for 30 minutes and start up again.
So on that last restart, I went back out and was struggling with the pace of the green.テつ Might have to take a couple extra looks at the putt just to reassure yourself that you've got the right pace, because I did struggle on the third, left one about six‑foot short from about 20 feet.
But yeah, I was just going to the chipping green and just finding my rhythm there in the chipping, rather than hitting long shots, I think it transfers directly over to your long game.テつ Rhythm is so important, especially in the wind, to keep the ball‑striking going.

Q.テつ So I want to further elaborate on that second question.テつ So some players, including Mr.Oosthuizen and some other PGA players, they talk about how important it is not to lose that swing rhythm, and some of the players even said that they are attending this match in order to recover that rhythm.テつ So can you be more in detail how you approach the game when you end up losing that rhythm?テつ Obviously you did really well today, so you didn't lose that rhythm today.テつ However, if you indeed do, what did you check first, and could you share with any amateur golfers what they should do in case they lose their rhythm?
WADE ORMSBY:テつ Difficult questions really (laughing).テつ The big thing for me, I can only talk from my own experiences, is I just want to feel as balanced as I can at my setup.テつ If I feel balanced at my setup, everything can work together, that's the body speed and the arm speed.
And I think that's what we're looking for.テつ And you can have all your mechanics in perfect condition, but if your rhythm is out, your golf game is going be to out.テつ And everyone has different rhythm.テつ Some people have fast rhythm.テつ Some people have slow tempos, and so on.
So mine's a bit quicker even though I don't hit it so far it doesn't mean that because I don't hit it so far I'm going to have a slow rhythm.テつ It's just the way I am, my tempo is quite upbeat in my golf swing but it doesn't necessarily transfer into a lot of power.
I'll just keep trying to find my rhythm, almost have a race between my arms and my turn, and if I can keep that the same, I'm going to hit good golf shots and I'm not going to hit it too far off‑line.テつ So that's the two big things for me, body and arms working at the same speed.テつ

Q.テつ So if you were to compare the green undulation and green speed of typical European courses with that of Blackstone, what would you say?
WADE ORMSBY:テつ I would say they are very undulating, No. 1 with a couple of massive tiers out there.テつ Overall, the speed is about normal.
You have to understand the weather that we have at the moment, with I think in a month's time, the greens could be a lot faster here.テつ But you've got to play to Mother Nature, so I think they are about normal, maybe a fraction slower, but pretty good.
CALVIN KOH:テつ With that, good luck, Wade.テつ Good luck for the weekends.

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