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April 26, 2013

Jbe' Kruger


Q.テつ Long day then?
JBE' KRUGER:テつ Well, it started at 3.45 this morning, almost going home now.テつ Had a good day.テつ I didn't strike it as well as I did yesterday, but I putted a bit better.

Q.テつ Pitch black when you came to the course, stepped out to complete your first round, did that all right, and got it going in the second.
JBE' KRUGER:テつ Yeah, I actually struggled the first couple holes coming back.テつ I think I was 2‑over playing the last.テつ I made birdie there.
Then lucky, my putter caught fire a little bit on the back 18 and I'm playing a little better.テつ Scoring just a little better.

Q.テつ A nice number of red figures on that board in the second round, in particular.
JBE' KRUGER:テつ I think‑‑ I don't really know why because the wind is blowing a bit harder than yesterday, but I think it's the kind of course that if you're hitting it well, you can definitely go low.テつ The greens are very good.テつ If you hit them close, if you manage to hit them close, you'll definitely make a lot of birdies.

Q.テつ What do you make of this Blackstone course?テつ It's beautiful but tricky, challenging.
JBE' KRUGER:テつ Yeah, it's scenic, but you tend to lose sight of that if you're not playing well.
But I think it's a golf course where you need to get your distances.テつ You can hit a couple yards left or right, but you need to hit it pin‑high and that's one of my strong points and that's why I like it.テつ

Q.テつ Probably a silly question to ask about acclimatising and just getting used to conditions and things when you're getting up at 3.45, but have you made the transition to come to Asia all right?
JBE' KRUGER:テつ I like Asia.テつ I actually like the warmth of Asia, but really it's cold in Korea.テつ I don't really particularly like the cold, but this week I'm playing well in it.

Q.テつ And you like your position on that board, no doubt?
JBE' KRUGER:テつ Yeah, definitely.テつ I think, you know, you never know, God is always in control, you never know what might happen over the weekend.

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