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April 26, 2013

Hyung-Sung Kim


Q.テつ So tell me about your round, a good round today, 69.
HYUNG‑SUNG KIM:テつ Yes, overall, I'm very much satisfied with my score but I could have had more chances to score better, but unfortunately I missed several of those.テつ But overall I'm satisfied.

Q.テつ And the eagle on 18, tell me about that.
HYUNG‑SUNG KIM:テつ Well, I never thought that I would make an eagle, but I think that I played very comfortably and that resulted in a very good score.

Q.テつ What club did you take?
HYUNG‑SUNG KIM:テつ So I used my driver to hit that first shot, 217 yards, and then I took out my 21‑degree utility and then finally I used my pitching wedge.

Q.テつ And your position in the tournament, did you expect to be this high up the leaderboard?テつ And what are your expectations for the weekend, as well?
HYUNG‑SUNG KIM:テつ Well, last year, I actually won one of the Japanese Tour events, and overall I did well last year.
This year in 2013, I was in some of the Asian Tour and OneAsia tournaments, and although my body condition was not that perfect, I think overall my play was good.
So, yes, this time around, I also look forward to winning the trophy, but I'm not going to obsess myself over it and I'm just going to keep trying to be fit so that I can realise that goal.

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