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April 26, 2013

Matteo Delpodio


Q.テつ Thoughts on 4‑under after two rounds here?
MATTEO DELPODIO:テつ Well, I played well, the game I had today on the course, I made no bogeys so I was pretty consistent on the fairway and hit a lot of greens in regulation.テつ So was happy about the game.テつ I think I've been lucky with the weather.テつ I've had a good draw this time, so I used it well.

Q.テつ Yet like everybody, you haven't been lucky in that there's disruptions which make it a very long day for you.
MATTEO DELPODIO:テつ Well, of course.テつ I haven't been lucky in the sense that I made birdie 16, and then 17 had a very, I'll say easy, short hundred meters to the hole and they suspended, and when we restarted, the wind was coming from the right.テつ So it was almost impossible to put it close.
And then 18, as well, was not that easy as when we suspended the play.テつ But in general, this afternoon it's going to be tough out there, so I'm happy to be 4‑under in the clubhouse.

Q.テつ Must be nice to know that the form from Spain has continued on other side of the world after a very long journey and in totally different kind of conditions.
MATTEO DELPODIO:テつ Yeah, the journey was long, I can tell you; it was almost 29 hours to get here.テつ Yes, I'm playing well.テつ I'm playing well since the beginning of the season actually and as I said in Spain, I was happy because I didn't put any pressure in the tournament there.
So I have to continue to play well, and I hope to do my best and do what I can do.テつ So we'll see what's going to happen over the weekend.

Q.テつ Most of us didn't take quite that long to get here, so did something happen on that journey?
MATTEO DELPODIO:テつ Yes, maybe everything happened.テつ I was in Spain, I didn't have my passport with me, so I had to fly from Valencia to Rome, take a train that did not arrive because ‑‑ I don't know what happened, but they cancelled the train.
So I had to change the station, take another train, get in tournament at 2.00pm, straight to my house, pick up the passport, straight to the airport, 6.00 flight to Paris, then Paris to Seoul.テつ And then when I arrived here, I say, where I am.テつ So quite a big journey.
I didn't try the course, I just walk it on Wednesday, but I had good.テつ It was good to talk with Edoardo Molinari and Lorenzo Gagli.テつ They played it the day before, so I knew how to play it.

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