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April 25, 2013

Bernd Wiesberger


Q.テつ Talk about how Thursday has mapped out.
BERND WIESBERGER:テつ Started nicely, very in control, the front I was 3‑under.テつ Bit disappointing with the back nine.テつ Obviously the break didn't help me, either, so I had a bad restart.テつ Played well but can't make bogeys on the par 5s.

Q.テつ And yet, that's not a bad knock around here, and you're still nicely in the mix.
BERND WIESBERGER:テつ Yeah, it's not a horrible start, but not what I would have deserved and what I feel I should have made today.テつ But that's how it is and have to take it on from here.

Q.テつ Have you enjoyed the experience of coming back as Ballantine's champion?
BERND WIESBERGER:テつ Yeah, it's been great, I've been treated very well and hope that I can play up to what the Ballantine's Championship should play to.テつ So looking forward to the next three days.

Q.テつ You came out a bit earlier, didn't you, and you went out to Indonesia for that preparation, I know it's different climate and all.
BERND WIESBERGER:テつ Yeah, you know, the schedule is far from ideal for us, to come from Spain and Korea, not only you have a big time difference but the flights also are not ideal.テつ That's why I decided not to play Spain so I could be fresh, and my coach is based out in Jakarta, Indonesia.
So I came out early, got rid of the jet‑lag and could make some practise there and came here fresh, and I think it was a good decision to make.

Q.テつ Beneficial to see the coach?
BERND WIESBERGER:テつ Yeah, it's always tough, because it's been a long flight to see him.テつ So most of the time I just send him videos of the swing and we e‑mail around.テつ But every now and then in Asia, he comes out, and I'm going back to Jakarta next week to play the Indonesian Masters and I'll have a full week of practise there, so try to benefit the couple of weeks after Korea.

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