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April 25, 2013

Kieran Pratt


Q.テつ Guess we should start with that finish, quite dramatic with three birdies on the way home?
KIERAN PRATT:テつ Yeah, surprised to hole a couple of putts there.テつ Holed maybe a 30‑footer on 16 and maybe a 70‑footer on 17 up that slope.テつ So I just had a bit of a giggle about it really.

Q.テつ Sounds like a lovely reward on a day that's so disrupted?
KIERAN PRATT:テつ Yeah, it was tough to get the rhythm back actually when we came back out on 11.テつ You know it was cold and then it was pretty warm when we came back out, so a lot of different conditions out there.テつ But seemed to handle it pretty well.

Q.テつ I guess it's a difficult track regardless of conditions, isn't it?
KIERAN PRATT:テつ Yeah, it is.テつ You know, I remembered last year playing, and I thought it was brutal coming here for the first time, just because of the slopes on the greens, it's really tough to get used to it.
You know, you've got to really get your irons spot on distance‑wise.テつ And you've got to drive it pretty well, too.

Q.テつ Didn't stop you coming back?
KIERAN PRATT:テつ No, it didn't.テつ No, it's a good tournament.テつ They run it really well, so it's a delight to play.

Q.テつ And it's one the big ones for Asia.
KIERAN PRATT:テつ Yeah, it is, it would be silly not to play it.テつ Korea is a nice play to come I suppose.テつ We stay at a good accommodation this week, everything's nice.

Q.テつ Put the round into context; how have you been playing?
KIERAN PRATT:テつ Well, a couple of weeks ago, I led after the first round in India.テつ So I guess this week, you know, I'm not going to sort of dwell too much on this round.テつ There's a lot of golf to play.
That's a great start, but the tournament probably starts on Sunday really.テつ So I'll try to get myself into position to contend and then we'll go from there.

Q.テつ Presumably you have a bit of a spring in your step at the moment and the game is good?
KIERAN PRATT:テつ Yeah, I've been working really hard.テつ Probably more so over the last two months than I have done for quite a while, and then I'm glad it's starting to pay off.
Working really hard on my putting, because that was something that was not up to scratch sort of late last year, and you know, that's starting to come around.テつ So I'm hitting the ball reasonably well, as well, so hopefully that can continue.

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