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April 25, 2013

Gi-Whan Kim


PAUL SYMES:テつ Many thanks for joining us, fantastic round.テつ Tell us how delighted you are and what in particular went right for you out there today.
GI‑WHAN KIM:テつ Well, compared to what I thought and expected, I think the wind condition was pretty weak.テつ So it was easy to control my iron shots.
So with good control over my shots and the directions, I think that I was able to record 5‑under par in the first round.
PAUL SYMES:テつ And tell us about the eagle on the last.テつ It was a great way to finish.
GI‑WHAN KIM:テつ Yes, with the final hole, when I shot my second shot, it felt kind of good when I made the address.テつ So I was a little bit skeptical about my shot going in as an eagle, but it indeed did, so I felt really good.

Q.テつ So could you further elaborate on what happened on the 18th hole, how long was the distance and so forth?
GI‑WHAN KIM:テつ So when I made the tee shot, it went close to the bunker on the left‑hand side, so it was about 210 metres from the green and the pin.テつ So I grabbed my 17‑degree loft utility club, and I hit and I think that that went close to the hill and then came down and it dropped at a location about 15 metres from the pin.テつ It was an uphill but gladly it went well.

Q.テつ So many players have been saying how difficult the course is, but you've just recorded 5‑under par.テつ So compared to other courses, what do you think of the course?
GI‑WHAN KIM:テつ So compared to all other courses that I've been on, I think that the green undulation is the most serious on this Blackstone Golf Course.テつ However, the distance with our yards are not that long here, so most of the players, I see that were using a 7‑ or 8‑iron in the field.
So I think that for players with good middle iron control, I think that the course will not be considered to be too difficult.テつ But, still, there is one variable, which is wind, so even if you are really good with irons, depending on the wind conditions, I think that it can make a huge difference.

Q.テつ So you talked about how your iron shots went pretty well today, so I guess that is one of the success factors today.テつ So what's your plan for tomorrow and the days on?
GI‑WHAN KIM:テつ Well, I think that in order to have a good iron shot, you have to have a good tee shot in the first place.テつ So tomorrow I'm going to focus on my tee shot as well as on the iron shots, and I'm going to try to make my iron shots more accurate and more precise.

Q.テつ I understand that you have been playing more on the Asian Tour than European Tour and I understand that you have recorded some good scores, so I think that you are getting closer to winning a trophy in this tournament.テつ So when do you expect to lift up the trophy?テつ And today you recorded 5‑under par, so that will take you closer to winning a trophy.テつ So, any ambitions?
GI‑WHAN KIM:テつ Yes, I definitely recorded a good score today, but it's just one day and I have three more days to go.
So I'm going to work on my shots step‑by‑step.テつ And obviously because of all of the good global players, I still think that there are a lot of variables in the field.
I'm going to make all efforts in order to win the trophy but I'm not going to be too anxious about it.テつ Ever since becoming a professional golfer player, I have yet to win a trophy, but, I'm not going to be too anxious or impatient.テつ I'm going to wait until the opportunity comes.
PAUL SYMES:テつ Thank you for joining us.

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