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April 25, 2013

David Howell


Q.テつ What was wrong with you; it's unlike you to be ill at all.
DAVID HOWELL:テつ Yeah, I don't know, just picked up a bug or ate something I guess.テつ I was feeling pretty lousy for a couple of days, very unusual.テつ I don't think I've ever played a tournament just pitched up on Thursday morning.テつ That was the best way to recover some energy.
I was flailing a little bit at the end there to be honest with you, could have done without the delay, and I think my voice is going.テつ But yeah, all in all, delighted with 69, especially in these circumstances.

Q.テつ Daft as is sounds, sometimes that works in your favour, not having the normal preparation.
DAVID HOWELL:テつ Yeah, well, I tried to think of it that way as well.テつ A lot of the guys are struggling to get some sleep and I've had plenty the last two days.テつ Although it was at strange times of the day.
So I was somewhat rested, and yeah, I sort of was able to think my way around this course, anyway, from last year.テつ It sets up pretty well for me and I was able to do it on the most part pretty well today.

Q.テつ You've seen it in differing conditions even on the first day, when it wasn't too bad, cold first thing and heavens opened.
DAVID HOWELL:テつ Yeah, strange day, looked like it was going to blossom into the day we have now early doors and then went the other way unfortunately and was pretty miserable for a couple of hours.
A bit of respite I guess around lunchtime when we came in for a couple of hours, and extended the day a little bit, which I wasn't too pleased about.テつ But at least when we came back out it was sunny and I found a birdie to come in with as well.テつ So all in all, I'm a happy camper.

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