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April 25, 2013

Matthew Baldwin


Q.テつ Thoughts on 5‑under par around Blackstone?
MATTHEW BALDWIN:テつ Very good, yeah.テつ I played really nicely today.テつ Holed some putts and scored pretty good.

Q.テつ Out there a long time, weren't you?
MATTHEW BALDWIN:テつ Definitely, I was saying, 5.30 wake‑up call and it's 5.00 now, and I'm still going.

Q.テつ Round must have been six hours or something.
MATTHEW BALDWIN:テつ Something like that.テつ I think we had a two‑hour delay.テつ But you know, it's just quite difficult to concentrate for that long, so it was nice to be able to finish it off well.

Q.テつ Well, you did, you finish it off in style with that birdie at the last.
MATTHEW BALDWIN:テつ Yeah, it was good.テつ I lost the ball on 17, as well.テつ So I made bogey on my second ball, which was nice, as well, to hole a 20‑footer.テつ And then to hit two pretty good shots on 18 and chip‑and‑putt was nice, yeah.

Q.テつ I take it it's not the easiest of tracks by any means, the changes of elevation, you've had the rain, the cold, the low clouds, everything to deal with.
MATTHEW BALDWIN:テつ Yeah, the golf course itself, you hit it in the right spots, you can make birdies.
But as far as the weather goes, it's so up‑and‑down:テつ One minute it's raining, the next minute, it's sunny, taking all your clothes off, and then to finish off, you're back in the jumper again.

Q.テつ Considering you came from the heat, as well, have you recovered all right?
MATTHEW BALDWIN:テつ Yeah, first day was a bit tiring.テつ Slept like a baby on Tuesday night.テつ So far, so good.

Q.テつ And you're keeping form going, which is good in itself, I know it didn't quite work out in Spain but it wasn't bad, was it?
MATTHEW BALDWIN:テつ Yeah, I played nicely last week.テつ Last day was a bit of a struggle.テつ But now, keep going this week and see where it takes me.

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