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April 20, 2013

Fabio Fognini


N. DJOKOVIC/F. Fognini
6‑2, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please, in English.

Q.テつ I suppose you expected more from you today than the result.テつ Was it because of you?テつ Was it because of the weather?テつ Was it because of Djokovic?
FABIO FOGNINI:テつ Was everything, I think.テつ I mean, nothing to say.テつ I was a little bit tired at the beginning.テつ That's normal.テつ I think first semifinal here.
Also condition for me today was not really good.テつ I mean, the court was really slow.テつ Ball was pretty big.テつ Topspin with backhand was impossible.テつ He play a good match.テつ I think best match of this week.テつ So nothing to say.

Q.テつ Do you feel he's at his full physical shape?
FABIO FOGNINI:テつ He's in the final now.テつ Why you ask me?

Q.テつ You just played him, so I ask him?
FABIO FOGNINI:テつ You have to ask him.テつ He beat me in 52 minutes.テつ What do I have to say?テつ He's injury?

Q.テつ You had the trainer come with the tape and the spray.テつ What was wrong?
FABIO FOGNINI:テつ No, nothing.テつ Just play football tennis with my physio before the match.テつ Nothing serious.

Q.テつ Were you upset with the crowd booing you when you left the court?
FABIO FOGNINI:テつ Doesn't matter.テつ I mean, also in Paris they do that two years ago when I won this match against Montaテδアテδゥs.テつ They allowed to do whatever they want.
I am on the court.テつ Italian are for me.テつ Some other Italian are for Novak.テつ More the people was French, for sure, was for him.テつ But it's not important for me.

Q.テつ If you had to put some money on the finals tomorrow, who do you pick?
FABIO FOGNINI:テつ I mean, 51% for sure Rafa because here is the king.テつ Also he play great here in Monte‑Carlo always.テつ It's open match, I think.

Q.テつ Today was a difficult match for you.テつ Overall you must be very proud of your tournament.
FABIO FOGNINI:テつ Yeah, of course I am.テつ I mean, I beat two top 10 in the same week.テつ Just have to say first semifinal, I say to him, I was a little bit tight, conditions was not help me a lot, and he play the best match of his week.テつ Three thing.テつ And then, of course, I don't play really well, my best tennis.
I say to my coach in the locker room that maybe this match was playing in the first or second round, I think, was finished in the other maybe game.

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