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April 20, 2013

Johanna Larsson

Lars-Anders Wahlgren


S. WILLIAMS/J.テつ Larsson
6‑2, 6‑2

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please.

Q.テつ Johanna, how hard was to have to sit and wait to play the match with the rain and stuff?
JOHANNA LARSSON:テつ Yeah, it's no fun to sit and wait for the rain to finish.テつ On the other hand, we've done that before and it will happen again.
It's both for the same side, so, yeah.

Q.テつ Lars, you must be fairly pleased being 1‑1 going into tomorrow?
CAPTAIN WAHLGREN:テつ Of course it's a little bit of a surprise for the Swedish team it's 1‑1.テつ I always believe in my girls that I work with.テつ I was hoping for even 2‑Love with a good positive thinking.
1‑1 is good result for us.

Q.テつ Johanna, your first time playing Serena.テつ What do you take away from that?テつ What do you think playing somebody like her can help you improve in your own game?
JOHANNA LARSSON:テつ Yeah, it's definitely an experience for me today.テつ I had a lot fun out there.テつ I thought I had a few chances, especially in the beginning of the second set.テつ I had a few break points.
When you play those players that are extremely aggressive and don't make a lot of unforced errors, you really need to take your chances.
Yeah, she's so good.テつ What can I say?テつ I did my best and I was fighting the whole match.
So, yeah.

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