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April 19, 2013

Charley Hoffman


Q.¬† 1‑under par today, going along with your 5‑under yesterday.¬† 6‑under, tied for lead.¬† How are you feeling?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:¬† Good.¬† I was never under par, I don't think, until the last hole.¬† I birdied the last two holes to get to 1‑under.¬† With the breeze picking up, it looks pretty good.¬† Obviously left a couple out there.¬† Happy to be at 6‑under, and who knows, hopefully near the lead.

Q.  Anytime you're under par around this place, especially when the wind is blowing, it's a good score.  What are you looking forward to happening this weekend?
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  I've haven't been in contention the last few weeks.  It feels good to get the blood flowing a little bit and have a chance on Sunday.  Obviously would like to make a bunch of birdies and pull away, but it usually doesn't happen out here.  I'm just looking at having a chance to go down 18 on Sunday.

Q.  Well, this seems to be a golf course that takes a little bit of time to get used to, and you're a natural progression:  Missed the cut, tied at 75th to 8th last year.  Perfect time for you to go ahead and get in the winner’s circle.
CHARLEY HOFFMAN:  You've got to drive the golf ball a little better.  You've got to drive the golf ball pretty good out here, and I've been driving it pretty good, knock on wood.  Because you can get it going sideways pretty quick out here.  Made a couple of putts and hitting a lot of fairways and giving myself a chance for birdies, and a few are going in.  I'm happy.

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