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April 18, 2013

Brian Davis


JOHN BUSH:  We'd like to welcome Brian Davis after a 6‑under par, 65. 
Brian, quite a start to the tournament, if we can just get some comments on your round.
BRIAN DAVIS:  Yeah, obviously delighted.  The wind was up a little bit today, played tricky out there.  The winds swirling around.  And got off to a slow start but then caught fire and kept it going.
JOHN BUSH:  Talk about this tournament.  We all remember a couple of years ago, you have played well here before.
BRIAN DAVIS:  Yes, I'd like to do something else in this tournament, so I don't get remembered just for that (laughter).
I've got good memories here.  I always like coming back here, as a lot of guys do.  It's a very different golf course than what we normally play, very old school.  And it's just a neat week, as well, just being on the island.
JOHN BUSH:  Talk about your season up to this point.
BRIAN DAVIS:  Yeah, slow start, which has been about the last six or seven years.  Start really slow on the West Coast and start picking up around Florida.  And same thing is happening this year, so I'll try to figure that out.
Q.  I know you've got a lot of respect and appreciation from the other players for what you did then.  Has that carried over to now, from that calling the one on yourself, or do you get people to mention that to this day?
BRIAN DAVIS:  Yeah, obviously it's more the public does it than the players.  As players we're aware of what others do on the Tour, and then we put it to bed and go on.  It's good in this game to have a short memory, good or bad.  I still have people stop me in the street or at the golf club or at airports.  People do remember it, but for me I'm just trying to move on from that, and trying to win a golf tournament.

Q.  Today you hit 13 out of 18 greens, is that something you've been working on?  Is that something you'll feel that you'll have to improve on to win this tournament?
BRIAN DAVIS:  You know, you can actually play really well around this course and hit 11 greens, and you can actually struggle a little bit and hit 14 greens.  You've got to miss it in the right spots.  A couple of times today I was off the edge of the green, and I'd rather make that shot than being on the other side of the hole and missing it.  A bit like the Masters, you've got to place it in the right spot.  You've got to leave yourself the best chance to make a putt.
I don't look at them stats; I look at how I've played.  If someone says, you hit 13 greens, I might have missed 4 greens by this‑‑ and I hit the 4th green, the par‑3, I hit it and a gust of wind went to the back of the green, and I had to chip it and then I missed the next putt.  So it goes down as a two‑putt bogey.
So stats can sometimes be a little bit of a lie, but I just look on a whole today it was awesome.  It was tricky and I did really well today.  That's all you can do.  And obviously if the weather comes in, it's looking like it could soften the course up and play different.  It's nice to get off to a good start.
Q.  That chip‑in after that bogey, that chip‑in seemed to kind of get your round going a little bit.
BRIAN DAVIS:  Funny, because I made bogey on there and the next par‑5 I hit driver, 3‑wood six feet and missed it for eagle.  So it's not often you walk off after making a birdie and you've got your head between your legs.
But it's one of them things, next hole I left myself an easy, easy chip, and I played great golf after that.  You never look at one thing, not one thing today, I was just playing golf.  I wasn't worried about my score or about my misses, I was just playing.  Whenever you get that feeling, it's always a great feeling to have because it's enjoyable.  When you're wearing about where you don't want to hit it, which around this course you have to, it can weigh you down, but today it was enjoyable.

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