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April 17, 2013

Edouard Roger-Vasselin


A. MURRAY/E. Roger‑Vasselin
6‑1, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French.

Q.テつ You had several opportunities to break back.テつ Overall it was a good match.
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN:テつ That's the point.テつ It was opportunities to come back, but not to be ahead of him.
I let him take the lead from the start, except for that first breakpoint I had.テつ Very quickly, he was up in the score and I was down.テつ It was the same type of match as the one we played in the Australian Open.テつ I always had to struggle to come back.

Q.テつ What did he do to put pressure on you?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN:テつ In the beginning I was totally dominated.テつ I was not able to play a single point.テつ I was making errors.テつ I was not able to find a good rhythm.テつ I couldn't find the balance between being aggressive and not making mistakes.テつ I was not able to find a solution.
But I didn't give up.テつ I kept fighting.テつ Otherwise the match would have been finished very quickly.テつ Here it finished less quickly.テつ I was not far behind, but it's tough fighting him.

Q.テつ What makes his game so difficult?テつ He's not a clay court player.
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN:テつ He's not?テつ He played the same as in the French Open.テつ I believe he's not bad on this surface, even if it's not his favorite surface.テつ I believe he moves very well on clay.
I asked several players to give me some advice, and not a single one was able to give me good advice.テつ They were all saying, Don't make mistakes and play well, as if I didn't know that.テつ It's difficult to find a solution to his game.

Q.テつ The second set was pretty good.テつ You must be pretty happy with that.
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN:テつ Yes.テつ In the first set he was ahead pretty quickly and he served well on tough points, like at 30‑All or things like that.テつ In the second I played better.テつ But, as I said before, I was always trying to come back, never being ahead.

Q.テつ How can you compare this match with the one in Australia?
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN:テつ Well, in this match I had a breakpoint at the start, and I started believing I could do something.テつ But immediately after he hit three winners and that got me down.テつ He was very aggressive from the start.テつ After that I was able to raise my game and it became tighter.

Q.テつ Overall this was a good tournament for you.
EDOUARD ROGER‑VASSELIN:テつ Yes, it was.テつ But I feel disappointed after this match.テつ If I had been able to play like I played in the second set for the whole match, it would have been a lot better.テつ I believe I gave him the first set easily.
But I'm very excited to play the next tournaments.テつ I'm hoping I will be able to play against those kind of players again.テつ But for this particular match, I find it difficult to find anything positive in it.テつ I'm quite disappointed.

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