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January 6, 2000

Brad Faxon


JAMES CRAMER: We have Brad Faxon with us, 1-under par, 72, this afternoon.

BRAD FAXON: I started with a size seven and a half hat and finished with a seven and an eighth. It was the sixth time tightening. I think it got windier as the day went on. The Front 9 doesn't have as many exposed greens as the back, but it was really easy to miss putts low, downwind, down-grain sides. I don't know. It was tough.

JAMES CRAMER: Why don't we quickly go over your card.

BRAD FAXON: I 3-putted the 1st hole from 50 feet maybe. I left it on the green short. 3-putted No. 7 from 25, 30 feet probably. Missed about a 4-footer. Then I made a good stretch of holes. I hit a 7-iron on 10 about six feet; 8-iron about 35 feet on No. 11; and almost drove it on the 12th green, kind of putted it from about 50 feet and 2-putted -- well, made birdie there, made about an 8-footer for my second putt. I hit a wedge close on 13, sand wedge from probably 65 yards to about three feet. 17, I 3-putted from 30 feet. So I played very well. I mean, I let it get away on a few holes, but hit lots of greens today. I mean, big greens, it's a big course, but you've got to get it done around the greens.

Q. Survival day out there?

BRAD FAXON: It really was. I mean, there were times you were hitting 7-iron -- I actually hit a 9-iron from 65 yards on the 9th hole, then had, gosh, 190-something on 17 and hit a 9-iron. That's a little difference (laughter). It was tough.

Q. What turned it around, 2-over after 9, then bang, bang, bang?

BRAD FAXON: You know, I was hitting it good. I just wasn't really making any putts. On 10 I hit a good 7-iron in there. It was the first really -- well, I missed a short one on 5. But first good chance, I made one there. They just kind of all went in. I drove it good all day, I think I missed one fairway. I played well, you know. It was just kind of hang on and see what happens.

Q. What would it be like if it blew like this every day?

BRAD FAXON: What would it be like?

Q. Till Sunday.

BRAD FAXON: You know, it will be survival for a while. I mean, there are certain times when the gust is so bad you have to stand back. I mean, you watch some of the balls, especially on the green where I think it's the most difficult. You get a lot of crosswinds holes, too, you're just kind of always trying to hold shots. You're always leaning on your left side to hit your shots, that's for sure. I don't know. Jesper looked like he was playing pretty good. 7-under.

JAMES CRAMER: 6, but just dropped back to 4.

Q. Do you recall when you last had 3-3 putts, Brad?

BRAD FAXON: I was thinking about that. On 17, I started thinking it's probably not a good idea to start thinking about that (laughter).

Q. Would have been a while?

BRAD FAXON: Yeah, absolutely.

Q. How are you feeling at the start of the year now after last year?

BRAD FAXON: I feel good. I took six weeks off. I was home; didn't play a lick really. I went to Florida right after Christmas to practice for a few days. My wrist feels pretty good. It's still a little sore. I feel great. I feel like I'm ready to play. I don't think there's any excuses anymore.

Q. Do you feel any pressure to weight lift and eat good foods and stuff, since that seems to be what Tiger and David are doing?

BRAD FAXON: You don't think I weight lift (laughter)? You don't think I eat good (laughter)? You know, I weight lift, too, but I don't hit it 50 yards further like these guys do. I think guys are stronger in every sport, and we're seeing it in golf now. It's not just Tiger and David, but you're seeing guys like Ernie Els and Vijay Singh that just crush it, bigger guys, bigger athletes. I mean, I've always tried to keep in shape and work out, and I think I'm pretty fit. I mean, I don't think eating right has anything to do with how you play. Ask Tiger (laughter). Any restaurant with a drive-through is what he likes to go to. Yeah, I mean, it's important to be fit out here. There's no doubt about it.

JAMES CRAMER: Thank you, Brad.

BRAD FAXON: Thank you.

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