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April 16, 2013

Benoit Paire


6‑1, 3‑6, 6‑1

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions in French, please.

Q.テつ Was the beginning of the third set the turning point of that match?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ Yes, it was, when I was up Love‑40 on his serve, that was important.テつ I was getting the edge on that match.テつ It could have gone in my favor.
But I started making mistakes.テつ It became more difficult physically.テつ He started playing better.テつ I got tense, and here you are, I lost.

Q.テつ Richard said he was extremely tired at one moment.テつ Did you see that?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ No.テつ But I sort of gave away the match up to 6‑1, 3‑1.テつ After that I was able to raise my game and make fewer mistakes.
So did he play not as good or, rather, I believe I played better.テつ But I didn't manage the third set correctly.テつ I must say also I had to play yesterday and again this morning, plus the doubles.テつ Everything on the same day, it's a pity.テつ I wasn't able to prepare.テつ But that's tennis.

Q.テつ What happened in the beginning of the match?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ I rushed too much.テつ It seemed every ball was good to attack and I rushed too much.テつ I was making mistakes ‑テつ especially on my backhand, which is supposed to be my best shot.
Anyway, I can say I played a tournament that is correct, and it's going to be good for what follows.

Q.テつ Can we say you really missed an opportunity today against a good player?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ Yes, indeed.テつ I did miss this opportunity.テつ I hope it will be different next time.テつ I would have liked to have passed this round.テつ But the French Open is coming up and I really want to do well there.テつ I'm going to prepare myself.
I believe this kind of thing is part of my preparation, my progression.テつ I hope I'll do better next time.

Q.テつ And what about your doubles match?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ Well, we do that for fun.テつ We're good friends and we like to meet on the court.テつ I had to play three sets in singles before, so it was not easy.
But we tried to play seriously.テつ But this is not the most important thing.テつ We both focus on our singles.

Q.テつ Are you going to play together the Grand Slams?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ No.テつ Stan doesn't play doubles in Grand Slams.テつ But for the other tournaments, we'll play again together.

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