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April 13, 2003

Jeff Maggert


JEFF MAGGERT: I would like to have them cut the holes over again, I know that. It was a very strange day. I don't think I've ever had a round of golf like that. With the exception of a couple miscues that turned into some big numbers. So I'm encouraged by, you know, my play, but disappointed with the finish. Funny things happen sometimes and you hit a poor shot at the right time and bad things can happen.

Q. After the triple, you kind of got back in contention after that. So tell us about that.

JEFF MAGGERT: Well, the golf tournament was definitely not that close to being over after the third hole in my regards. And I was playing well and putting well and I knew I could make my birdies.

And on 12 I had kind of a bad break there. The rake in the bunker -- by having the bunker that was raked, there was just a bad spot on the back lip there and the ball didn't roll off the back of the hill and it got caught in a rake mark or whatever. And it was kind of a lousy lie. I didn't hit a very nice bunker shot but I needed to just try to blast it out to the edge of the green and it came out hot because of the lie.

Q. When the ball hit you in the chest was there almost a moment where you were like, that couldn't have just happened. Can you just talk about that?

JEFF MAGGERT: No, I've been in situations like that before. Where you're in the lip of the bunker, you have a buried lie and you're trying to get it out and you're trying to be careful of the ball rolling back on your foot or something. The way the ball bounced in the air and came up so high I just must have hit the lip of the bunker and the next thing you know it hit me in the chest. But tough things happen in golf and I didn't want that one incident to really mark my day, so to speak. And I just tried to put it out of my mind and keep going forward.

Q. You say you had a buried lie there or what?

JEFF MAGGERT: The way the bunker was raked -- I don't know if it was probably -- whoever was in there before when you rake a bunker and you let the rake drop and hit the sand it has a tendency to make a big furrow. And if you are not careful to smooth those out, you leave a lot of those in the bunker and the ball rolled up into the bank of the back lip and started to roll back down but it got stopped in the furrow where someone had put the rake. And they didn't smooth that part out. So the ball never rolled back into the flat part of the bunker. So it was a tough lie there.

Q. I was talking about 3.

JEFF MAGGERT: On 3, I was just close to the lip. And I just caught the ball a little bit thin is all. I struck the ball well, I just hit it a little bit thin and it didn't obviously get up on me.

Q. What were you hitting out of there?

JEFF MAGGERT: I had a sand wedge. I had 102 yards to carry the front of the green there. It's actually my 53-degree wedge. It's not really a sand wedge but it's a mid-wedge.

Q. It seems like you got a lot of people on your side. I think people were just willing you to do well.

JEFF MAGGERT: Well it's nice, obviously, with Tiger being so close to the lead today I'm sure early in the day everyone really wanted to see what he was going to do. And then after he faded a bit it was kind of anybody's golf tournament there for awhile. And it was unfortunate, a couple bad shots today. I was a little rattled on 12 probably, dropping it in the drop zone and just lost focus a little bit there on the other one.

Q. What did you hit off the tee?

JEFF MAGGERT: I hit a 7-iron today. The wind was a little gusting and I wanted to play for the back of the green a little bit and I pulled the ball a fraction. If I would have hit the -- when they put the pin there I usually go ahead and shoot towards the flag on that pin placement, but take enough club to kind of take the water out of play. And if you're over the back edge there, it's not a bad place to be. So I just pulled it a fraction.

Q. After your drop on 12 what was going through your head?

JEFF MAGGERT: I wasn't ready to hit the next shot. And that's the easiest way I can put it. You have to be committed and ready to hit every single shot. And if you're looking ahead or behind you just can't do that.

Q. You come back in the mid 30s after those holes, did you show yourself something or did you know you had that in you, that resolve?

JEFF MAGGERT: I feel comfortable on the golf course here. I feel like I can make birdies here and I don't feel like the golf course is too long for me. I have the game to play well here. My game is not where it needs to be ball strikingwise for sure. I feel like I'm definitely on the upward swing in my game. And to be leading after three days is probably -- to be honest with you, six weeks ago I didn't really feel like my game was coming around that well. But ball striking, I said yesterday, it's a second shot golf course. And that's where you make your hay out here, and hitting the bunker on the third hole and hitting a poor shot from there and a poor shot on 12 you take a couple swings over and a lot of different things can happen.

And other than that, I played well. I stroked the ball well the last nine holes yesterday and really all day today. I don't have any complaints the way I hit the ball.

Q. Were you doing any math in your head with the two holes there and sort of looking?

JEFF MAGGERT: It looked more like a phone number on my scorecard than a golf score. But big numbers are made on the 12th hole all the time. It's a tricky little hole. If you get a bad break here and there, they add up quickly.

Q. I know you're concentrating on your own game out there but what did you think of the way Mike held up?

JEFF MAGGERT: Mike played great today. There's no question about it. He played the type of round -- me and Mike are very similar players. I could tell his strategy was almost identical to mine today. He played very well. He didn't make any miscues. He hit the shots when he needed to and you saw it at the end. He didn't hit some good lag putts but he made the nice saves coming back for pars. I don't think he made a bogey today, so he played a really great round.

Q. Was that a nervy play, the fairway wood on 15?

JEFF MAGGERT: For me? Not at that point. I would have been going for that green anyway. I was kind of in between clubs again.

Q. What did you have there?

JEFF MAGGERT: I had about 225 to the front edge, I believe.

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