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April 15, 2013

Benoit Paire


B. PAIRE/I. Dodig
6‑4, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:テつ Questions, please, in French.

Q.テつ This fight with Mika on the court in Miami, is it part of your learning process?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ I guess so, but I was very sad because of this.テつ I believe that sometimes you can have a problem with an opponent.テつ But he's French on top of all this, and we were getting along very well before that.テつ We were talking about soccer...テつ Why should we have that huge fight in a first‑round match?
I know I have also very many other things to learn, but I'm very sad this happened with a French player.

Q.テつ About your learning process, you're doing well lately.
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ Yes.テつ I've been working with my coach pretty well.テつ We have no specific ranking goals.テつ We just want to work on what I need to improve.テつ We work on my mental approach.
Today I was able to play a very good match.テつ I played two bad service games, and I was broken twice after being two breaks up.テつ I was still able to stay focused and win the match 6‑4, 6‑4.
So I learned a lot already and I'm able to be in the second round in this tournament.テつ I don't know how far I can go.テつ The only thing I know is I will always try to do my best.

Q.テつ But you will never become a robot; you will always talk on the court.
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ No, I can't become a robot.テつ I know I talk a lot on the court, but now I am able to remain focused on the game.
I have to make a difference between the moment when I'm playing the point and before or after playing the point.

Q.テつ But when you go up to the umpire to talk about a game that took place three games before, isn't that polluting your game?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ Well, yes, it is.テつ But I'm able to stay a lot more calm than before.テつ I would have gotten angry at myself after losing my two service games, whereas here I stayed focused and was able to finish the set.
I hope I will keep improving, but I will keep following my own rhythm.

Q.テつ How do you see a player like Nadal who won eight times here?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ Well, of course, he has another dimension.テつ But I'm playing the same tournament as he is.テつ If I have to play him, I will try everything I can to beat him.
Of course, he's a very good player.テつ I will do the best I can.

Q.テつ Do you have good memories of the French Open?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ Oh, yes.テつ For me in tennis, there always were two important moments.テつ First, this tournament here.テつ As a young player I was dreaming to play here.テつ I love the setting.テつ It's magical, and I was watching TV.テつ I was dreaming of playing on center court with all that crowd watching.テつ Maybe it will happen.テつ I might play the next round against Richard Gasquet on center court.
The second moment for me was always the French Open.テつ I will be able to play this year.テつ So those tournaments were always important to me.テつ I will try to win as many matches as I can.

Q.テつ But you will come to the French Open this year with a better stature.
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ Yes, I might even be seeded.テつ If I am, it will be better for me.テつ I also will feel a bit more under pressure because I might play on one of the major courts quite early.
But I will just think about each tournament as it comes and try my best.テつ If I don't do well this year, then I'll try again next year.

Q.テつ But do you feel people are getting more interested in you and your career?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ Yes.テつ I see there are more people in the press conferences, but I don't want to change my personality.テつ I am the way I am.テつ I've been working very well with my coach for the past three years and I think what we achieved is exceptional.
At the time nobody thought it would be possible.テつ People were telling me, You will never be able to control him.テつ But look now.テつ I'm about to play the French Open and be maybe seeded.

Q.テつ Given your good results lately, do you think you might be called upon to play on the French team for Davis Cup?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ Yes, Davis Cup is very important for every player.テつ Playing for your country is the best you can do.テつ It was my dream, too.
But I have many other players before me like Gil, Gaテδォl, who will get better soon I guess, Benneteau, many others, Richard.テつ But maybe if I can improve a lot on clay, I could be part of the team.テつ But there are too many other players for the time being.

Q.テつ Do you believe your fight with Mika could be a negative point for you to be a part of the team?
BENOIT PAIRE:テつ I don't believe so.テつ Anyway, for the time being, I could not possibly be selected.テつ As I said, top 33 only.テつ Even Richard, Benneteau and Chardy are far better than I am for the time being.
About Mika, I guess he's not going to play the Davis Cup for that long.テつ We're not even sure he's going to play next year.テつ So it doesn't matter.

FastScripts Transcript by ASAP Sports

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