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April 14, 2013

Thorbjorn Olesen


THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ I feel like I played some great golf all four days, actually, and I shaped the ball really nicely, left‑to‑right and right‑to‑left and on the last two days I started holing a few putts.

Q.テつ You got your self in contention at the Open Championship and now here, so it seems like you really enjoy the challenge of a Major Championship.
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ Yeah, I love it.テつ It's a dream for me.テつ It's lovely to be here at a Major and especially at the Masters.テつ It's a great golf course and the atmosphere here is amazing.

Q.テつ With your score it seems like you pretty much locked up top 12 to get in next year.テつ Is that something that you thought about coming into today?
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ Not really, no.テつ I just tried to play the same as I did the first three days and hit the ball the same way and that's what I did.テつ I gave myself a lot of chances, so it was a great day and a lot of fun out there.

Q.テつ A few weeks back you were in a car accident, right, that you had to withdraw from a tournament and now here you are with this kind of a score.テつ Talk about just the adventure you've been on the last few weeks here.
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ Yeah, it's definitely not the best preparation for this week.テつ But I felt like before the accident that I played some great golf the whole year, in Europe and in the Middle East I played great golf.
So I came into this week with a lot of confidence, but I knew that it was going to be tough with the last week that I had.テつ But it turned out to be very good after the first day.

Q.テつ You improved after each round.テつ Did you feel like you were figuring the course out each day?
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ I definitely learned a lot about the greens.テつ I missed a lot of putts the first round and it got better and better every day.テつ So that was good.
I felt like I hit the ball very good every day, actually.

Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ Yeah, I was very impressed by his game.テつ He's only 14 and he played some great golf.テつ Yeah, I was very impressed.テつ All the shots he hit were at the pins and at the right spots and he knew what to hit and where to hit it.テつ So definitely in the future he will be a great player, I think.

Q.テつ First one in the house at 4‑under.テつ How do you like that number right now?
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ Well, it's a good score, but unfortunately on 18 I came out with a bogey.テつ But I played some great golf and it's been a lot of fun there the last four days.

Q.テつ What have you learned the most over the last four days?
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ I think the greens.テつ This is my first Masters, my first time at Augusta and I think I've improved my putting every day.テつ I learned a lot about the greens and where to be aggressive and where not to be aggressive.テつ So that's probably the most important.

Q.テつ How do you go from your very first Masters round a 78 to the next three days?テつ Where does it come from mentally and your game?
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ Well, I didn't feel like I played bad enough to earn a 78 the first day.テつ But this course is tough and if you get out of position, all of a sudden a big number can appear.テつ But I didn't feel like I played that bad, so I just kept swinging the same way I did the first day and then it just started to happen the next three days.

Q.テつ How do you go on a hot birdie run to take it to the next level?テつ How did you put those birdies together back to back to back like that?
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ I made most of the par‑5s very easy.テつ I hit them in two, most of them.テつ I made it easy for myself to make a birdie there.テつ And I got that eagle.
So that's the key to this course, to try to make it easy yourself, try to put yourself in the right spots, and if you do that there's a lot of birdie chances. テつBut if you don't do it, you can easily get a bogey or double.テつ So it's a tough course.

Q.テつ It can be an intimidating course for a first‑time player.テつ Did you feel intimidated at all like in the practice round or the first round or was the first round just ‑‑
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ Actually, I went down for nine holes with my father and I was a little bit intimidated by the greens, but after the first time playing a few practice rounds and flighting the shots, I got more confident.テつ But it was nice to get past the first day, past the 78.テつ Luckily I forgot it and got to the weekend and shot some good scores.

Q.テつ What happened with the car accident?
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ A couple cars in front of me ran into each other and I hit the brakes, but there was no chance for me to stop, so it was you know luckily.

Q.テつ This happened where?
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ This happened in Houston.

Q.テつ That's why you withdrew?

Q.テつ Injuries, you must have had some.
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ I got a little stiff neck for the week and I still have a little bit of problems, but it's getting better every day.

Q.テつ How does it inhibit your swing at all if at all?
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ It doesn't do anything to my swing.テつ Nothing.テつ It's just after a long day it's irritating me and starts getting stiff.テつ But it's nothing to do with the swing.

Q.テつ Anything you learned, any sort of shots that you need that will help you prepare better for next year's Masters?
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ Yeah, I know what to do from the tee box now.テつ I can prepare for that next year.テつ But obviously I knew what to do before this week.テつ I knew you need to hit a lot of draws and I practiced a lot with my driver to hit that draw and I made a lot of good draws this week, so that's been nice.

Q.テつ What was the longest putt you made this week?テつ Today included.テつ Well let's stick with today?
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ The longest putt I made today?テつ Good question.テつ I don't know.テつ I don't know.テつ I holed a good putt on 9 for birdie.

Q.テつ How far?
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ It was probably 15 to 20 feet.

Q.テつ You were pretty close all day long.
THORBJORN OLESEN:テつ I was pretty close, yeah, I didn't hole any particularly long putts this week but the last couple of days I holed a lot of putts inside 20 feet and that's been nice.

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