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April 14, 2013

Dustin Johnson


Q.テつ Having the lead at some point in this tournament in the second round, does that give you any more promise to the future of what you can do at this place?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Yeah, this golf course, it suits me very well.テつ Obviously this year it is my best finish I've had here, but it could have been really good.
The game's getting a lot better.テつ I struggled a little bit at times, but I played pretty solid overall today.

Q.テつ Can you give me your schedule moving forward for the next two months or so?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Definitely PLAYERS Championship and probably Dallas, maybe Charlotte, just depending on the schedule.テつ Possibly Charlotte, PLAYERS Championship, and Dallas and then Memorial, Memphis, U.S. Open and then Germany.

Q.テつ All right.テつ What's in Germany?

Q.テつ You mentioned your best finish, but is it maybe also one of your more frustrating, because at 31 holes you were at 7‑under, two‑shot lead.
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Yeah, I was playing really well.テつ But I was scoring really well, I wasn't really playing that great of golf, I was just scoring really good.
Then I had a tough finish on Friday, but ‑‑ and then yesterday played really tough, today was pretty tough too, I just played a little bit better and made a few putts.テつ Which I think that was the key from finishing Saturday and then yesterday, I just didn't make any putts.

Q.テつ I heard guys say that every year you play here you learn a little bit more.テつ What was the biggest lesson for you this year?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Oh, there's just a few spots you can't hit it.テつ It seems like on late on Friday, yesterday, I hit it in all the spots I can't hit it.テつ And I know where I can't hit it, I just hit poor golf shots.
But coming back next year, I definitely learned a lot this year and hopefully I will contend a little bit better next year.

Q.テつ Confidence there on the back nine, I don't think you had a bogey at all the back side.
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Well, I drove it better, I drove it in the fairway on every hole.テつ So that's the key around here is not hitting it in the trees, which I tend to do a few times, but on the back side I drove it well and that's just what you got to do.

Q.テつ I see Wayne is playing in the Hootie tomorrow.テつ Did you recruit him?
DUSTIN JOHNSON:テつ Yes, I did.テつ He's going to come with us and we're heading over there right now.

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