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April 14, 2013

Bubba Watson


Q.テつ Kevin Na made a 10 on 12 today.
BUBBA WATSON:テつ So we tied, so we were even after that hole.テつ You know, it's funny, if you're not going to win, you've got to get in the record books somehow, so I'm a guy that got a double digit score on a par‑3.
When you look back at this week I had nine three‑putts, three balls in the water on 11, a 10.テつ So when you add all that up, a tie for 50th is a pretty good week.

Q.テつ If you play golf long enough are holes like No.12 today‑‑ it's going to happen to everybody, isn't it?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ Oh, for sure.テつ For sure.テつ If it doesn't, that means you just don't play enough golf.
You know, it took me until I was‑‑ until three years ago to make my first hole‑in‑one.テつ If you play golf long enough you're going to make a hole‑in‑one.テつ I've had three, and I had one this week.テつ And you're going to go the other way, as well, you're going to have bad scores, as well.テつ Today was just my day to have a bad score.テつ I couldn't get the club to do what I wanted it to, so I made a quick 10.

Q.テつ I wasn't able to see what you did after the bunker shot went in the water.テつ What was your decision after that?テつ What did you do?
BUBBA WATSON: テつWell, for me, 66 yards to a green that's not stopping and the grass is cut into you, so I dropped the ball back in the bunker, which we knew was going to plug, so I just was going to play it to the side and try to get up‑and‑down.
At that time I didn't know what I was going to make, but I made a 15‑, 20‑footer for 10.

Q.テつ How far was that putt, 20 feet?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ I guess so.テつ It makes it sound better than it really was.

Q.テつ Sunday is always special here, but was it hard to enjoy that experience today?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ No, I enjoyed it.テつ Who wouldn't enjoy it?テつ I was playing Sunday, so no matter what place I finished I was going to get a paycheck, so I'll be able to eat this week, and then you've got to look back at no matter what, unless I make them mad, I'm coming back for the rest of my life, I'll be here and I'll have a green jacket sitting in the locker room.テつ You can't get mad at the situation.テつ You've got to just play‑‑ you're going to play bad some days, you're going to play good some days, and so far I haven't missed the cut here, so you've just got to take it as be positive.

Q.テつ This tournament is kind of unique.テつ You're really kind of a defending champion for life, aren't you?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ You're always considered a Masters champion, and that's what's so great about this tournament is that this is the greatest tournament that we play.テつ This is the one with the prestige behind it, the history behind it.テつ We're always at the same venue so you can always the heroic shots throughout the years, and then obviously they give you the green jacket and you get to keep it in the locker room, and you're always part of the Masters history, and yeah, everybody always calls you Masters champ.テつ No matter how long ago you won it, you're always a Masters champ, and today it was pretty wild, the last two Masters champs were playing together in the final round.

Q.テつ What did you hit off the tee on 12?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ 9‑iron.

Q.テつ You said yesterday you didn't want the score to get in the way, you wanted to walk today, last day.テつ That's the way it turned out?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ Oh, yeah, for sure.テつ I was playing good early, but I really wasn't paying attention to the score.テつ I wasn't looking what I was doing.テつ Just kind of just out there enjoying the day.
My wife being here, my son being here, my in‑laws, my mom being here, I had 13 people at my house this week, and so it was just all about enjoyment and about enjoying the moment and remembering about the tournament that I happened to play good in and win a green jacket.テつ So no matter what, no matter what, when I end my career I'll be able to say I was the Masters champion one time.

Q.テつ How would you describe the honor of this week, just being here all week as the defending champion?テつ Not everybody gets to feel that.
BUBBA WATSON:テつ Right, exactly.テつ It's a weird feeling.テつ Me and Charl were talking about it, the different feelings, different shots coming down the stretch, and what he felt, what I felt.テつ Yeah, it's a different place because we get to see this‑‑ like I said before, this is the best major because when we play this course every year, every time, and we get to see the historical shots made throughout the years, and other ones, they change venues a lot.テつ It makes it special.テつ It makes it special, especially the champions' dinner, seeing all the legends, and then somehow I fell in there.テつ So it's always nice to be able to hang with the King, Jack, Gary Player, all those guys, and then Doug Ford was still here.テつ I mean, it's an honor to be a part of this.

Q.テつ What will you do next and what will you work on?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ Hopefully I'll get something to eat next.テつ And then really to work on, like I said all this week, this is the slowest I've seen the greens.テつ For me being a feel player, I'm used to them being fast and scary, and they weren't, and I kept leaving all my putts short.テつ You know, I putted great.テつ I played great.テつ When you take away the nine three‑putts, you take away the three balls in the water on 11, my 10 on 12, I still tied 50th.テつ There's a lot of guys that went home that wish they tied 50th.テつ So when you add that up, that means I was really close to having a fight on Sunday afternoon.テつ There's nothing really to work on.テつ I'm going to keep doing my same practice, same routines and get ready for New Orleans.

Q.テつ Talk about Guan's performance this week, making the cut the way he did, could you relate or what's your thought on that?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ Well, no, I can't relate because when I was 14 I had no chance.

Q.テつ You shot 10‑under, though, in Florida.
BUBBA WATSON:テつ Right, but that was an easy course.テつ But yeah, what he did was just amazing.テつ I don't know what he shot today.テつ It doesn't really matter what he shot over the weekend.テつ Making the cut is a big deal.
You know, it's a sad situation with the penalty, but slow play is slow play, it doesn't matter who you are.テつ He almost missed the cut with that.テつ But he'll learn from that and just keep going, but yeah, it's awesome to see a great kid coming up like that, and you're going to see that throughout history.テつ There's going to be better and better players at a young age because that's how all sports are, they get better and better at a younger age.

Q.テつ How difficult is it to be the defending champion here?
BUBBA WATSON:テつ Oh, it's really easy, because no matter what, you're playing the following year.テつ So when you look at it, it was a blast.テつ Like I said, though, my mindset was I'm not defending champion, my mindset is I'm trying to win a golf tournament.テつ My golf proved that I didn't win it.テつ So it was fun, it was a blast.テつ Obviously when you come back here, like the other question was, you're always the defending champion, you're always a Masters champion, so no matter what, it's going to be a blast every year I show up here.

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