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April 14, 2013

Michael Thompson


Q.テつ Talk about your day.
MICHAEL THOMPSON:テつ Putting was a lot better today.テつ I just made more putts.

Q.テつ How is it to come back?
MICHAEL THOMPSON:テつ A lot of it I think there's no pressure.テつ I'm playing early in the morning on Sunday.テつ Kind of excited that I'm going to get done and hopefully before the rain.テつ Hopefully there isn't any rain today, but.
Then, I don't know, just a lot of patience.テつ Just a different attitude.テつ Yesterday I was, I just wasn't thinking right, wasn't making a lot of ‑‑ I was making a lot of poor decisions.テつ Today my goal was to basically play this course uphill, try and leave myself below the hole every time.テつ And it didn't work all the time, but it made the course a lot easier.
Then, I don't know, just overall just playing smart golf and then I made a lot more putts today.

Q.テつ Were you able to kind of feed off each other especially on that back nine when you guys were both just dropping birdies left and right?
MICHAEL THOMPSON:テつ Yeah, I think that's always fun when you and your playing competitor are making birdies and because you're both in good moods, obviously, and you just can go out there and have fun.テつ He's a great guy. テつIt was the second time I played with him and I think I played with him at the Honda and so obviously he bodes well for me and I don't know, it was just fun.

Q.テつ What were the conditions like?テつ What can we expect later?
MICHAEL THOMPSON:テつ I felt the greens were a little bit more receptive today.テつ The pin placements I think are a little easier.テつ Obviously Sunday pin placements on the back nine, they're kind of accessible.テつ Again, as long as you play uphill, try to leave yourself uphill birdie putt, and then obviously no wind, so at least not very much to speak of.テつ So you can kind of trust your shots a little bit more.テつ This golf course requires you to be so precise with your iron shots, especially into the greens that if you're off by just a yard or two, you could end up 50 feet away.テつ And I don't know, things just went well for me today.テつ So obviously a lot of good players teeing off behind me and they shouldn't have a problem.

Q.テつ Did they put some water on them after yesterday?
MICHAEL THOMPSON:テつ Maybe a little bit.テつ They were pretty baked out yesterday afternoon.テつ So that was nice for me, at least to get a good round under my belt on this golf course that hopefully in the future I can continue to build off that, but it definitely made the course more fun.テつ Which is what the Masters is all about.

Q.テつ One of the continuing top picks of discussion throughout the week just in general has been Rules of Golf.テつ Masters is the unofficial start of golf season for all the clubhouses across the country.テつ What does it mean that Rules of Golf are a topic of discussion here this week?
MICHAEL THOMPSON:テつ Well, this is the biggest stage in all of golf, really.テつ This, along with the other three Majors, but this is the one that everything, everybody really looks forward to and also you get rules officials from all over the world.
So I think it's good for golf in terms of teaching people who don't necessarily know the rules, they're able to watch Sportscenter and find out what certain rules are.テつ I think it's unfortunate that some of the rulings happened, but that's the game of golf.テつ There's rulings every week.テつ There's rulings that are in our favor and there's rulings that aren't in our favor.テつ And the rules officials aren't ever out to get us.テつ They're on our side.テつ They're trying to help us.
They're there to make sure that we don't make ‑‑ they are there to make sure that we don't make mistakes.テつ And so that's the way I try to look at them.テつ They're my friend rather than my foe and I just go out and play golf.

Q.テつ Do you see it become being a topic of discussions in card rooms and men's grills throughout the country and throughout the globe?
MICHAEL THOMPSON:テつ Yeah, that's just natural.テつ You get the most popular player in the world has a ruling, people are going to talk about it.テつ If I had a ruling, probably people wouldn't talk about it.
It's just the way it goes.

Q.テつ No. 16.テつ I know it was one you birdied today.テつ Just the hole in general and then how you played it.
MICHAEL THOMPSON:テつ No, that's fun.テつ You're able to just throw it up to the right.テつ I landed it probably two or three yards short of the pin and it kicked up to the right and came back down.テつ And I was kind of hoping there it might go in, but it was a little short.テつ But, yeah, there'll be some exciting shots there today, because you can play that shot and there's a little bit of room for error and still give your self a good birdie putt.

Q.テつ 13th hole more forward than what you've seen before?
MICHAEL THOMPSON:テつ The tee box?

Q.テつ No, the hole location.
MICHAEL THOMPSON:テつ The hole location?テつ I didn't get to play the weekend five years ago, but from the coverage I remember watching I remember the pin almost being front right more often than being middle right.テつ And today it was middle right.テつ So it was actually, it gave you enough room that if you laid up to land it short of the hole and get it stopped.テつ Because it's pretty hard to just land it and spin it back.テつ You can't really do that on these greens this week.

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