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October 4, 2001

Jimmy Green


JOE CHEMYCZ: 6 under par, 65, nice playing today.

JIMMY GREEN: Thank you.

JOE CHEMYCZ: 16 of 18 greens; right?


JOE CHEMYCZ: Tell us about your day.

JIMMY GREEN: Kind of going into the week I haven't had a very good year. My fourth year on Tour. Probably my worst here on Tour. I think I have gotten in my way a lot this year. I have been talking with Larry Mize a little bit. It is kind of nice when you don't have very good years, you can go -- you have some nice guys, veterans out here you can go and depend on and ask questions. And he told me you got to go out and just let it happen. Basically that's what I did today. I was paired with Willy Wood today. Funny that Willy and I played together the week that I won the BUY.COM Tour now; then Nike, we were talking about when you play good it just happens and instead of getting out there trying to think about how many birdies you can get coming in or boy, don't worry about, you know, don't -- 17 or 18, whatever, don't bogey this hole, I think when you go out there and just play golf and let it happen, you tend to make a lot of birdies. And I did today.

JOE CHEMYCZ: Take us through them starting at 12 there.

JIMMY GREEN: Started on the back, 10 is a good hole. Real good par on 10 and I miss a short one on 11. Go to 12, not a very good shot on 12 and I chipped in. So it was kind of nice to grab one that way. Then I birdied 15 --

Q. You chipped in from how far?

JIMMY GREEN: Right front of the green probably about 45, 50 feet from the pin.

JOE CHEMYCZ: How far was the short putt that you missed at 11?

JIMMY GREEN: I would say probably twelve feet.


JIMMY GREEN: I drove it in the left rough, laid up, and just wedged it up there about four feet, made a good roll on it. Bogeyed 16. Hit it in the right rough and didn't think it was that bad until I got up and you can't get around those trees, that right side, if you hit it down the right side of the fairway those trees stick out, I missed kind of short and left of the pin down probably 10, 15 feet off the green and chipped up and missed the putt. Made the turn, went to 1, kind of nice because Willy Wood at the time was playing well. He was 3 -, 4-, 5-under at the time. He's making putts. I am seeing that and it is kind of nice to when you see putts go in, it is kind of easy to visualize them going in. I made a nice probably 30 foot on one and 3, the par 5, I made about 12-footer on the par 5 for birdie. Then the par 3 actually I left it underneath the tier there where the pin was kind of middle left and I made it up over probably 35 feet, so, that was a good putt there. Next hole wedged to about two feet and on the next par 5 I hit it in there up next to the green; didn't have a very good lie, chip it probably about 15 feet past the hole made that putt. Actually hit a great shot in on 8. 8 is a great hole. I hit it up there about six feet. I missed it. But then I made a good four on the last hole so it kind of evens out.

Q. How much does it help you when the guy you are playing with gets off to such a good start?

JIMMY GREEN: I think it does. I don't know how he finished today, he had probably feels like he shot a million because whenever I get into group when the guys are 4-, 5-, 6-under and I am one, even par or 1-over, I am hating the day. But what you do and Willy and I are good friends and it is good to see him play well; then you say man, he starts knocking in putts you say, hey, I am going to do the same. It's pretty fun you start knocking them in. I have only been in that situation a few times; hopefully more.

Q. I think this is the fourth year you have been here?

JIMMY GREEN: Yes, sir.

Q. You haven't done particularly well the last three. Was there anything different about today that -- did you feel different out there, different conditions?

JIMMY GREEN: The golf course is in great shape, really is. I think this is the best shape I have ever seen the course. Actually I think the course kind of sets up different because the fairways are a little softer and kind of the different golf course now. Whether -- I don't know how I finished last year. I don't even know if I made the cut last year. It's been one of those years. I have a hard time knowing what I ate for dinner last night. I think a lot of times you want to forget those bad rounds. Today I went out and I said I am going to let it happen and just go play golf, and it is kind of nice when you are paired with two good guys, you can go out and relax and do it.

Q. When you got to your 3rd hole and chipped in, did you -- going into that you had just missed a short putt on 11. Were you starting to think: Here we go again or --

JIMMY GREEN: I think you know, when I hit the bad shot on 11 I pulled -- I pulled the wrong club. I thought it -- I was planning the ball to jump a little bit. Last thing you want to do on these greens is hit it over on any of these holes. I didn't want to leave it -- hit it over, so I had an L-wedge and I played it to jump a little bit. It didn't jump so it went to the front of the green and I am thinking, you know, like you say, here we go again, miss-clubbing or ball is not doing what I want it to do; but you know, to go up and chip in, I am like maybe we just stole one there. That kind of built on from there.

Q. Is it a bit weird that, you know, you do need to make up some ground to get to the 125 and yet you kind of played more relaxed?

JIMMY GREEN: I am telling you, PGA TOUR players are weird people anyway, I am telling you. A lot of us out here, our attitude, our play dictates our attitude, and I don't want to be a guy that when I am playing good my attitude is great or when I am playing bad my attitude is bad. But it is ironic when I go home and play with my buddies at home or if I play a practice round with my buddies I play good. You get into a tournament, you kind of tense up a little bit. I don't know if that's nature or whatever it is, but what I have been trying to work on is hey, I mean I played in front of people before. I have played well before in front of people, so -- and won tournaments before, so golf -- the golf shot doesn't change whether you are playing mini or regular Tours. When you start saying there's more at stake which in reality there's more at stake, when -- your golf game doesn't know that. The golf ball doesn't know that. If you go out and relax and play, seems like you come out better.

Q. Can you carry that over tomorrow seeing your name on the leader board?

JIMMY GREEN: I will let you know tomorrow. I hope so. I have had a good time today. Relaxed, played well. I feel like I have been playing well all year. Really I have. You look on the money list doesn't show it. I felt like I have played well, I have prepared well, and you go out a lot of times put added pressure on yourself, I think you don't do anything about bad things then. I made -- I was at a book store and picked up this golf book and in it there was a quotation from Leadbetter. I am not a Leadbetter student, but it said: A bad thought is worse than any bad swing. That makes a lot of sense. It really does. Seems like when you do play well like I did today - I didn't know how many under I was at one time. That's a good thing. I don't -- so I just want to go to out tomorrow and stay out of my way.

JOE CHEMYCZ: Thank you.

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