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April 14, 2013

Tianlang Guan


MODERATOR:テつ Good afternoon.テつ Let's welcome Tianlang Guan from China to the interview room.
You not only set a record for the youngest player to compete in the Masters, but you now become our youngest low amateur.テつ You now become the second winner of the Asia‑Pacific Amateur who wins the low amateur honors.テつ This week he carded rounds of 73‑77‑75‑75, plus 12.テつ We are so proud of you and your accomplishments.

Q.テつ Curious on your putting today, any 3‑putts today?テつ Did you manage to get through the Tournament without any?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ I don't think so.テつ Probably not.テつ But yesterday, I 3‑putt off the green but it counts like two putts, so I don't think so.

Q.テつ So no 3‑putts?

Q.テつ Were there any double‑bogeys this week?

Q.テつ Nothing worse than bogey?

Q.テつ Do you consider this as the biggest accomplishment of your life?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ Yeah, I think so.テつ It's such a great week for me and I enjoy it so far and learned a lot.

Q.テつ I'm curious now what your plans are for tournament play after this.テつ I know the British Open, when you won the Asia‑Pacific Amateur, you get exempt into the final round of qualifying for that.テつ What else do you have from a playing schedule coming up?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ I'm not sure right now, because before the Masters, we are probably going back next week.テつ But we have a lot of‑‑ a couple invitations for me.テつ So we have to consider what to play, what not.

Q.テつ Invitations to what, what events?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ A couple more, I'm not sure.テつ Sorry, didn't make the schedule yet.

Q.テつ I'm wondering, having had four days of tournament play here, what do you go away thinking you've got to work on?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ I think the first couple rounds, I played pretty good.テつ I feel a little bit tired today.テつ So yeah, there's still a lot of things to improve.テつ My short game's good, but still need to be better.テつ My driver probably needs to be longer.テつ Yes, I mean, everything needs to improve (smiling).

Q.テつ When you go back home and talk to your friends, what will be the first thing that you tell them about this week, your favorite moment?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ I mean, the whole week is great for me.テつ I really enjoy it, and I'm having fun and hopefully I play some good golf.

Q.テつ To come back next year, you'll have to win the Asia‑Pacific Amateur Championship again.テつ Will you be going to Nanshan to try out the course?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ Yeah, I'd be really happy if I can come back again, and I'm going to try to win it again.テつ But it's not easy.

Q.テつ You played with a lot of big names in practice this week, Tom Watson, Ben Crenshaw; what's been the best advice you've been given this week?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ It's tournament week so they didn't give me a lot of advice, but Mr.Ben Crenshaw said just play my own game and have fun.

Q.テつ And you have.
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ Yeah (smiling).

Q.テつ Are you impressed with yourself by being out here at 14, making the cut and playing as well as you did?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ It's not easy to play here, to make the cut and be low amateur.テつ I think I did a pretty good job this week and can't believe it's over.

Q.テつ When are you going back to China?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ I'm not sure yet.

Q.テつ In the women's game, it's not unprecedented for players to turn pro as young as 15, 16; have you thought about what your long‑term goals might be as far as when you might turn professional?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ I've not decided yet, but it won't be too early because there's still a lot of things to learn to improve.テつ So nothing to rush.

Q.テつ Where do you stand on your homework?テつ Have you been able to keep up on it this week?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ Yeah, probably tonight (laughter).

Q.テつ When were you most nervous?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ In this week?

Q.テつ Yes.
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ Probably standing on the first tee on Thursday.

Q.テつ You talked earlier this week about how you believe one day you can come back and win this tournament.テつ How long before that happens, do you think?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ As soon as possible (laughter).

Q.テつ When you were standing on the first tee, how did you get through your nerves?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ Thursday?

Q.テつ Thursday.
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ It's not too nervous, but just a little bit.テつ I didn't feel too bad.テつ And I hit a great tee shot and then just do my routine and just take like a normal shot.

Q.テつ Back on your homework, what sort of things do you study?テつ What classes do you take?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ I mean, China, you didn't take class; they give you the class (laughter).テつ So there's a lot.

Q.テつ Like what subjects?テつ Math?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ Yeah, Chinese, math, English, science, a lot of things.

Q.テつ What's one thing that stood out to you about your time here?
TIANLANG GUAN:テつ I would say, I think this is my first time to play in front of all the people here, all the Patrons, and they were really nice to me and I appreciate them coming here watching me.テつ I mean, that's very nice.

Q.テつ Your putt on 18 yesterday, was that the best shot you've played all week?
MODERATOR:テつ We thank you for being with us and congratulations on your great accomplishments this week.

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