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April 13, 2013

Fred Couples


Q.テつ Tough finish today.テつ How bad does that hurt?
FRED COUPLES:テつ Well, how bad does it hurt?テつ The odds are I had a pretty ‑‑ I wouldn't say it was the hardest shot in the world, the gap was, it was a pretty good gap, and I just tried to hit an 8‑iron a little too hard and I didn't cut it, I just hit it straight and I didn't think I hit any of those limps, but I did, and then it was just a comedy of bad shots.
But I would think that put me out of any running for anything tomorrow.
The rest of the holes weren't all that great either.テつ I was very mediocre.テつ I made a lot of pars, but I had just some mediocre swings.テつ I wasn't all over the place.
I feel bad for Jason because he was, he waited for me forever on the 17th and then I finally thought to myself, I'm not going to make him wait, and I said, why don't you go.テつ And then he hit and he 3‑putted.テつ His 3‑putt on 18 was all on his own, but 17 I felt like I was killing him there.テつ It took me forever to figure out how to make a 7.

Q.テつ You had a couple of good birdie opportunities early, first three holes, didn't make them.テつ Did that set the tone?
FRED COUPLES:テつ Well, the greens were really fast.テつ They got hard and crusty, but for me personally, I enjoy that.
So even though at 4 and on 5 I had a good chance, it's just this tee ball on 7, I smoked it up the left side and instead of trickling a little right, it stayed in that first cut of rough.テつ And I hit a flier into the back bunker and I made six from 145 yards.テつ And I wasn't expecting that.テつ But I did hit the ball okay.
Really the 15th hole was a gaff.テつ After watching everyone hit it from the right side yesterday, I laid it up on Friday to the left and I tried to get it over there to the left and I didn't hit a very good shot, I hit the tree and kicked it right.

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