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April 13, 2013

Jim Furyk


Q.  Pretty good day except for one hole.
JIM FURYK:  Well, yeah, not even ‑‑ I just didn't hit the ball well today.  I had so many opportunities and just for one reason or another couldn't convert.  Hit a couple bad wedge shots today, couldn't make much on the greens.  I only made one putt outside of six feet.  Two maybe, outside of six feet.  But only made about an 8‑footer.
I hit some good putts.  I felt like I had some good lines, I had good speed where I missed the line a little bit maybe.  For one reason or another I didn't score well, but I think what it basically boiled down to was ‑‑ I wasted a shot at 4.  I hit it in the front bunker, hit a decent bunker shot about five, six feet behind the hole.  With where that pin was, if I miss that 5‑footer, it's going to end up a minimum of three feet by.  I tugged it a little bit and knocked it right about four feet by and I missed it on the way back.  So I turned a bogey at worst into a double.
I had a ball on 9 I would love to know where my second shot on 9 landed.  I hit it in there and thought it might be stiff and it probably landed on the fringe and skipped to the back and got to place where I couldn't get my first putt within about 10 feet of the hole.  So I ended up making bogey there after actually making two really good swings.
I bogeyed 13 with a wedge in my hand.  Missing the green, hit it a little long left of the pin and ended up missing about a five or 6‑footer for par.
Then I had my birdie chances.  Didn't get the ball there on 15, which was somewhat routine.
Missed about a 15‑footer at 17.
Missed about a 10‑footer at 18.
It really could have been a pretty darn good day and 74 is probably about as bad as I could have had out of it.

Q.  If it's, if the leaders scores are 6‑ or 7‑under at the finish today, is your position doable tomorrow?
JIM FURYK:  It's doable.  It's doable.  It's not the position I wanted to be in, but that's the hand I have right now.

Q.  How comfortable are you coming from behind?  I know we talked about it the other day and you said you would rather have a 10‑shot lead, which anybody would.
JIM FURYK:  I would prefer to be ahead, but I've won from both positions.  So I just have to probably get some momentum early and shoot 3‑under or so on the front and then have a good back side and put some pressure on the guys that are behind me.

Q.  How much did the greens dry out today and tomorrow's going to be about the same, how much are they going to, do you think they're going to dry out?
JIM FURYK:  It's up to the Committee, really.  They have the ability to put water on them and they also have the ability to suck the water out.
So they definitely firmed up.  I thought the golf course played wonderful today, to be honest with you.  It was a little bit more challenging.  I thought the greens were a little firmer, I had to hit the shots a little bit more crisp to stop the ball and get the ball close.  But it was out there, there was no wind, it was perfect conditions, but there were some tough pins today.  I thought the pin placements today maybe were a little bit more difficult than what we saw the first two days.
But there's some getable pins tomorrow left.  There's some places tomorrow where, looking at the four pins, that we can get to them and there will be some of them where we have to be very cautious and know when to be aggressive and when not.

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