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May 29, 2003

Jeff Maggert



JEFF MAGGERT: It was fun, all of us played pretty well. Jonathan had a little trouble on the 12th hole. But it was a very nice, you know, the weather turned out great. All 3 every us played kind of a fast pace. We didn't have anyone in front of us. We just went out and played and had fun knowing we all hit the ball well and made putts. It was a good day for all of us.

Q. There was nobody behind you, you guys went out and set the pace?

JEFF MAGGERT: Yes, it's it was just nice. The forecast wasn't so great last night to come out here and the weather turned out absolutely fabulous this morning. The golf course is in super shape. If you played well, made good shots, you can make some birdies.

Q. Where did you find places?

JEFF MAGGERT: I just started hitting the ball better today with my irons. I hit the ball closer to give myself an opportunity to putt for birdies. I hadn't been doing that lately. It's a good ball-striking round for me. Fortunately I made a few putts.

Q. The pin placements, things like that, where did you take advantage today?

JEFF MAGGERT: You know, the pins were pretty difficult pin placement. After playing here 10 years, you kind of know where they are going to put a lot of the pins. The greens are going to be as soft as they will all week unless we get some rain. They certainly are not dart boards out, there you have to hit some good shots to get the ball to stay close to the pin. So driving the ball in the fairway and hitting really solid iron shots in is the key today.

Q. You have played here often, would you say this opportunity (Inaudible)

JEFF MAGGERT: Well, don't say that. It's not always bad here. This was a good day. We got a break today. I was just watching the weather last night. They didn't say a lot of nice things about what it was going to be like this morning. They were forecasting rain showers and maybe thunderstorms this afternoon. So for the sun to come out, it's perfect playing conditions this morning.

Q. You have been here 10 years, probably playing 17, did you ever see it play like that?

JEFF MAGGERT: You know, it's certainly a different hole. I struggled with the old 17 hole. I made par there today. So I was happy. Certainly a little bit tougher golf hole. Today it played a little bit downwind so the tee shots were more forgiving. You've got to hit a good Tee ball and a good shot second shot to the green or you are going to struggle to make par.

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