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April 13, 2013

Paul Lawrie


Q.  Talk about your day.
PAUL LAWRIE:  I played lovely out there.  It's just the usual.  Play good and get kicked in the bullocks.  It's been happening for months, so.  I should be used to it by now, but I'm not.
I played beautiful the first 13 holes, could have been anything, 5‑ or 6‑under.  I was only 2‑.
And then I hit one poor shot at 14 and made bogey.
3‑putted 16.
Poor shot off 18.
Just the usual.

Q.  Is it something that you just have to put your head down and get through?
PAUL LAWRIE:  I'm old enough to know that it's just a part of the game.  But I mean it's just a strain.  It's a joke, I should have been 4‑ or 5‑under today, the way I played.  I played magnificent out there and I shoot 3‑over.  It's just unbelievable.
But that course does that.  You can be a yard off and you're making double bogey out there.  So you got to just kind of have your wits about you and try and just play as best as possible.  But it's just a shame.  It's just a shame.

Q.  Where did the game let you down today?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Putting, as normal.  Just putted awful out there.  Just hit so many putts too hard.  I misjudged the speed of God knows how many.  Must have missed seven or eight putts inside 12 feet for birdie.
And you just can't do that, it just catches up with you.  It's like a football team that has 15 shots on target and don't score a goal, they're going to get beat one‑nil, it's a guarantee.  The more it goes on, the worse it gets.

Q.  The speed of the greens changed.  Each day they seem a little bit different.
PAUL LAWRIE:  Well, the course is just beautiful.  Speed of the greens are perfect.  A little quicker today, if anything.  But you expect that.  Quite hot out there, so the greens are going to be a bit quicker.  But the course was great.

Q.  What did you make of the ruling that Tiger Woods is out there with the two‑shot penalty?  Do you understand the reasons for that?
PAUL LAWRIE:  Well, I'm not on the Rules Committee of Augusta National, so it's nothing to do with me.

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