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April 12, 2013

Graeme McDowell


Q.テつ (Inaudible.)
GRAEME MCDOWELL:テつ I'm not watching anybody, but I would love to play this weekend, of course.テつ It just didn't really happen for me the last couple of days, to be honest with you.
Yesterday 12 kind of derailed me.テつ Today I missed a 5‑footer on 7 and then I bogey 8.テつ And that kind of was a killer blow.
I actually kept to my game plan decently.テつ There's a lot of tee shots on this golf course that really don't setup well for me.テつ And I'm leaving my driver left‑to‑right pretty often and I stand on tee shots like 18, for example, in a hard left‑to‑right wind there, I got to aim at the left trees to have a chance to hit the fairway.テつ And it's some tough tee shots on this golf course for me.
But all in all, I executed my game plan decently the last couple days, just didn't really get much out of it.テつ I didn't hole a lot.テつ I just didn't really get any momentum.テつ But disappointing, of course.テつ Like I said, love to sneak in for the weekend and get two more rounds on this great golf course under my belt.

Q.テつ What do they do over the 24 hours to make the course change in terms of its texture?テつ I know that the wind today made a difference, but the scoring even before the wind got up was difficult.
GRAEME MCDOWELL:テつ No, the course was just tougher from a weather point of view.テつ The golf course was no different.テつ Pins were difficult again today.テつ They were tough yesterday and they were tough again today.
The guys got a little bit of rain this morning, maybe a little less wind than we got.テつ We got a dry and pretty breezy golf course this afternoon.テつ So I still say we probably got the best part of the draw.テつ Yesterday morning was nice and benign, although the scoring was good in the afternoon.テつ But that little bit of rain would have made it difficult this morning.テつ But, no, there was no massive change to the dynamics of the golf course.テつ It was just difficult in that breeze today and you had to play smart.

Q.テつ The way your opinion of Augusta has kind of changed over the last few years, and obviously last year was a good year, what do you feel about it right now?
GRAEME MCDOWELL:テつ No, I probably feel as good as I have about the place through two rounds.テつ I'm potentially going to miss the cut, but fairly okay with things.テつ The missing dynamic in my golf game is off the tee around here.
I don't have the 300 yard draw.テつ If you have that around here, it is a big starting point.
For me to compete here without that, I have to putt very well.テつ And I didn't do that the last couple days.テつ So I really got to learn how to hit it it a little further or I just got to come here and have a great putting week and who knows.

Q.テつ Great weekend last year.テつ Could you have a great weekend this year if you make it?
GRAEME MCDOWELL:テつ If I make it, then of course the potential is always there.テつ I think you can make great moves here this weekend, but I can't make great moves sitting on my couch.テつ So we'll see.

Q.テつ Can you talk about 15, how it played yesterday to today.
GRAEME MCDOWELL:テつ Yeah, yeah, back into the wind today, it was playing very long today.

Q.テつ What did you hit yesterday and today?
GRAEME MCDOWELL:テつ I didn't hit a very good tee shot today.テつ Yesterday I was going for it.テつ What did I hit yesterday?テつ I hit it in the right rough yesterday and I laid up yesterday, but yesterday was playing very short, especially in the afternoon.テつ I saw the guys way down there.テつ But today it was back into a stiff breeze to a tough pin.テつ So playing long, both par‑5s played quite difficult.テつ 13 and 15.テつ I think that affected the scoring quite heavily tough pins.テつ The pins are tough.テつ The pins have been really tough.
I think Augusta like to do that.テつ They like to separate the wheat from the chaff fairly early in the week here and then set it up for a bit of excitement on the weekend.テつ So we have certainly seen that the last couple days, I believe.

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