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April 12, 2013

Ben Crenshaw


Q.テつ Can you take us through what happened with the slow play penalty?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ Well, the way I understand it, he was warned after he walked off the 16th.テつ And he had obviously the most diabolical putt you could face and he made a brilliant 2‑putt.
And, you know, I'm going to say this:テつ Anybody would take time in order to get up and hit that putt.テつ That's No. 1.
And then No. 2, you know, I don't know if our group ‑‑ I think our group was warned maybe once that maybe we were out of position.テつ And that was on the front nine.
So then we kept on going.テつ But on 16, that was apparently the first he was warned and then the violation apparently came on the second shot at 17.
And this isn't going to end up pretty, I don't think.テつ I'm sick.テつ I'm sick for him.テつ He's 14 years old, we're playing ‑‑ when you get the wind blowing out here, believe me, you're going to change your mind a lot.テつ I'm sorry, I'm a player.テつ But it is not easy to get around this golf course the way it's set up for two days.
We're playing threesomes.テつ We used to play twosomes on the first two days.テつ We're playing threesomes.テつ So everybody is taking their time.テつ It's difficult.
I am so sorry.テつ I'm so sorry this has happened.テつ It's not going to be pretty.テつ John Paramor and I guess the General Chairman or the Tournament Chairman are the ones that levied the fine, so.

Q.テつ Did you try to talk to them about it?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ I didn't.テつ Because I wasn't aware of it.テつ And then after I was starting to play 18 and I learned of it after 17.

Q.テつ There's no way that this was justified?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ Well, he took a couple ‑‑ there's no question he played slowly at times.テつ But he was working things out.テつ The rule's 45 seconds, you know, and it's pretty difficult for somebody to do that in a tournament like this with conditions the way they are.テつ It's going to happen, but I'm really sorry.テつ This is not pretty.

Q.テつ Were you all penalized?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ No.テつ As I said, this is not a very easy golf course that we're playing.テつ But I don't know where it's going to go.テつ It's just not, it's not a pretty picture.

Q.テつ Were you all assessed?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ Just he was.

Q.テつ Will you be, if he actually misses the cut because of this, how will that be?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ Well, yeah, I have seen the scores.テつ If the wind stays up, I think the scores are going to get up some.テつ It shouldn't cost him in raw numbers, but it could and it would be worse if it did.

Q.テつ How is he handling it?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ He's handling it.テつ But I think he said that he took more time on the putt on 16.
I tell you what, we're going to let John Paramor take care of y'all.テつ All right?テつ That's about what's going to happen.

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