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February 1, 2004

Ricky Barnes


Q. Ricky, talk about your Sunday experience, not quite what you wanted. Are you feeling the pressure for the first time being in contention?

RICKY BARNES: No, just got off to a bad start. One of the goals was to get off to a good start. I three-putted 1 and bogeyed 2 and then hit a bad second shot, and you're going to make bogey 99 out of 100 times from where I put my second shot on 2, and I never got anything going. Just wasn't a good day.

Q. How much more disappointing is it when you have so many fans and friends and family out here?

RICKY BARNES: I put more pressure on myself than anybody. The person that you disappoint the most is yourself, and I'm not really worried about too many other people when I'm out there. If somehow you're playing well, it's good, but it's all up to you out there.

Q. (Inaudible).

RICKY BARNES: I think it's just another steppingstone because I am still young, but it's definitely another low point. Maybe not to win, I needed to shoot 64 or 63 to win out there, but just to actually compete and keep my position out there would have been a lot better.

Q. You're headed for Australia. What will you try to accomplish down there?

RICKY BARNES: I don't know, hopefully get a lot of sleep on the plane ride and think about some stuff. It'll be a reality check because I needed to make a par on the last hole and I would have saved myself 15 hours in the air. Rather than flying from here to California I'm flying from here to Australia.

End of FastScripts.

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