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April 11, 2013

Ben Crenshaw


Q.テつ What did you say to Tianlang on the 6th green after he made that beautiful chip?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ Well, he played about four of the most beautiful delicate pitches you've ever seen.テつ I mean, Matteo's caddie I've known forever, Irish Dave, I've known him forever and I said, you know, it must help to have 14 year old nerves.テつ I'm telling you, he played like a veteran today.テつ He played like a journeyman, a 28 year old journeyman whose been around the block made a ton of cuts.テつ He played a beautiful round of golf.
He stays well within himself, he's very confident, and obviously beautiful hands.テつ His thought process never got rushed, very patient.テつ Very, very, very impressive.テつ Of course, I saw it on Monday when I played with him.

Q.テつ Is that what you mean by a 28 year old that knows how to play the game?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ Well, he played more like a veteran.テつ That's what really impresses me.

Q.テつ So the moment didn't get big for him.
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ It certainly didn't look like it.

Q.テつ After he got up‑and‑down on 6, did it look like, what am I watching here?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ Well, on 17, you see that shot?テつ That was‑‑ down that little?テつ I mean, he did it a few more times too.

Q.テつ His work around the greens, how would you characterize it?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ It's beautiful.テつ Soft hands and the correct method and the fundamentals are there for hitting those shots.テつ But lots of confidence in those shots.

Q.テつ Would you like to venture a guess of what the future might hold for him?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ I see nothing but straight up from here.テつ I think he'll grow more.テつ He's only 14.テつ But it's obvious he has a great love for it.テつ I talked to his uncle, I had a lunch with his uncle yesterday, and he, apart from his schooling in China, he, his every second is golf.テつ But he has got a passion for it.

Q.テつ Did you guys talk at all before you walked to that first tee box?テつ Or did you give him any little piece of advice or anything?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ No, I told him to play well.テつ I think when I played with him on Monday we, I told him to play well then.テつ And I didn't know that we were going to get paired together, but he's a wonderful, mature boy.

Q.テつ Did you detect any nerves? テつHe seemed calm.
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ Certainly didn't seem like it.テつ Very impressive.テつ He stuck right to his plan the whole day.テつ Didn't get rattled, really wonderful to see.
And Matteo, Matteo, I'm telling you, he's a beautifully talented player.テつ So I enjoyed playing with them.

Q.テつ Had you encountered a young guy anywhere like that before?テつ That young?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ 14, to have the presence like that is pretty unusual.テつ Really unusual.

Q.テつ Did someone approach you and like run ‑‑
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ They just called our office a couple of weeks before the Tournament.

Q.テつ Before you were paired with them, did you get, did they give you an inkling, like, how do you feel about this or anything before you got paired with him and Matteo?
BEN CRENSHAW:テつ No.テつ Nobody ‑‑ no.テつ I knew that he had qualified a few months ago, but we just received a notice in our office that he would like to play a practice round.テつ So I said sure.

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