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April 11, 2013

Bubba Watson


Q.  You don't sound like overly disappointed like you shot yourself out of the tournament or anything like that.
BUBBA WATSON:  Well, no, I mean, it's golf.  There's going to be bad days and good days.  I hit the ball really well.  I can't complain about my ball‑striking.  I had four three‑putts.  Well, it's really three three‑putts and one was on the fringe, so I can't count it as a three‑putt, but the stats won't count it as a three‑putt.  So four three‑putts.  I never got the speed right, never got the ball to the hole.  They were slower than what I was expecting.  The balls weren't rolling out like they normally do over the past years, so I just left a lot of putts short, a lot of putts were breaking different than I was expecting.

Q.  Did it feel different playing today or just another round?
BUBBA WATSON:  Just another round.  I gave the jacket up two weeks ago when I was here, so nobody owns the jacket.  Everybody is playing for it right now.  But no, I didn't feel any different.  I didn't feel any more pressure to myself.  I just didn't get the speed right on the greens.  If I two‑putt all those, I shoot 1‑under, which would be a nice score.

Q.  You may not know the answer to this‑‑
BUBBA WATSON:  I've probably got an answer.

Q.  Why couldn't you get the speed of them?
BUBBA WATSON:  You know, it's one of those things, yesterday I putted really well.  I putted well all the practice rounds.  And today‑‑ to me the speed was a little lower, and I'm so used to some of these putts being so difficult because of the speed, and today I left them all short.  First hole, left it way short; No.2, I left it way short; 3, I left it short.  Let's see, where else did I three‑putt?  There's some other holes that I three‑putted, but I left it short on a lot of holes where I normally thought it was going to roll out some.

Q.  Did you feel like you got some things worked out?
BUBBA WATSON:  At 14 we misjudged the wind, we thought the wind was different and it flew a lot shorter than I was expecting, so we misjudged it there.  But again, the speed on the putt, the putt I'm used to breaking slightly because of the speed of it, and it just didn't‑‑ it didn't have the speed I thought, so it broke more.

Q.  When you said you don't feel any different, did you hear anything different from the galleries, any chants?
BUBBA WATSON:  No, just "go Dawgs."  Didn't matter if I was defending champ or not, it was just "go Dawgs," which was nice.

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