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April 11, 2013

Charl Schwartzel


Q. ¬†How difficult was it to get back into the mix after bogey‑double bogey in the first three holes?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:¬† Well, it's obviously a big setback.¬† It wasn't that bad a shot.¬† I hit one of those trees coming out of the bunker and went way right.¬† I would have had a shot if it wasn't for the obstacle that was there, but they decided it wasn't.¬† I couldn't move my ball.¬† Yeah, that was a hard start, 3‑over after three holes.¬† Yeah, not quite what you were looking for after quite a few months of preparation.
Happy the way I came back, played really solid from there.  Pretty much the way I expected myself to play, and putted well.  Pity about the putt on the last.  That was a short one.  But all in all, it was a tough day, but I'll take 71.

Q.  What club did you play the first shot?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  Which one?  I hit a lot of shots.

Q.  The first attempt to get out.
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:¬† Well, I had to hit a left‑handed shot with an 8‑iron, which went left again, and chipped out again with a 9‑iron and hit another 9‑iron in around the trees.¬† Got there eventually.

Q.  How important is it to have all your fellow South Africans here?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:  Makes no difference.  It's not a team event.  But it's obviously nice to see a lot of South African names.  The guys are playing well.  It's nice to see some of the South Africans get to the top of the leaderboard.

Q.  Why is it that South Africans have done so well here?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:¬† Your guess is as good as mine.¬† I suppose with Gary having a lot of success and then Ernie getting close a few times, being here so many times, they've got a lot of advice to share.¬† Whenever you see someone that's from your own country do well, it makes‑‑ it almost opens the doors for the other guys to see if they can‑‑ probably believe that they can do it.

Q.¬† Talk about how you stayed in it, being 3‑over after three, after that rough start?
CHARL SCHWARTZEL:¬† Definitely.¬† I mean, it's a tough course.¬† When you're 3‑over after three holes, you can let it get you down very quickly.¬† I've always stayed patient around this course, which you've got to implement, and I really have to try and stay patient, and just believed that if I kept hitting good shots that I'd start eating back at it.¬† Fortunately for me that was the case.¬† I thought I grinded well, and I can take a lot out of that round.

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