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April 11, 2013

T.J. Vogel


Q.  Pressure off your first round.  What are the first thoughts that go through your mind?
T.J. VOGEL:  You know what?  I just had a good time.  I just really just tried to enjoy my round, no matter how I played.
I got off to kind of an interesting start.  I hit a lot of bad drives.  But I settled down out there on the back and hit some good shots coming in.

Q.  Talk specifically about the very first tee shot.  What happened there?
T.J. VOGEL:  It was fine.  It really wasn't that bad.  I guess I just had an extra adrenaline, so I kind of hit it through the fairway in the rough.  So it really wasn't that bad.

Q.  Right or left?
T.J. VOGEL:  Left.

Q.  You say a little off the tee at the first.  Was it nerves, was it just swing things or?
T.J. VOGEL:  Oh, it was nerves.  It was nerves.
I never felt that in my life, you know.  I was glad to hit a decent shot.

Q.  When did you feel you kind of settled down?  Was there a shot or something specifically that made you feel that way?
T.J. VOGEL:  I felt like I didn't really settle down until the back.  I started ‑‑ I was missing a lot of drives on the front and it's really hard to get in a rhythm when you're missing fairways, so as soon as I started hitting the ball a little bit better off the tee, I started to slow my swing down and hit some great drives from 11 on.  It's a lot easier playing from the fairway.

Q.  You birdied a couple on the back there.
T.J. VOGEL:  I did.

Q.  Tell us a little bit about those.
T.J. VOGEL:  I hit a great drive on 15 and then hit my, I hit a 7‑iron into 15, about 20, 25 feet short and then 2‑putted.
The next hole I hit an 8‑iron to about 12 feet to the right of the hole and then made it.

Q.  What would be the biggest crowd you played before, before today?
T.J. VOGEL:  Maybe a few hundred.

Q.  Where would that be?  At the national tournament?
T.J. VOGEL:  Yeah.  Yeah.

Q.  And then college, what's the biggest crowd for the Gators?
T.J. VOGEL:  Well, for us our home tournament, we get a few hundred out there.

Q.  But you know them by face and name.  How many of the 50,000 people here did you know?
T.J. VOGEL:  I know a few out here, but obviously not that many.
There's like what, 40, 50,000 people here.  I mean, I probably know a hundred of them.  I mean, I have a lot of friends here and then I also have family.  So, but I know people in the crowd like from South Florida and then from that kind of stuff.  Junior golf.

Q.  Did you have a goal for today and then a goal for the whole week?
T.J. VOGEL:  Yeah, I mean, I wanted to make the cut.  I feel like I just need to get off to a better start tomorrow, hit some fairways, and get comfortable.  I think I'm right there.
First round at the Masters, 77 is not that bad.  I mean, I didn't hit it great, but I got it around and made some things happen.

Q.  You had a long time to think about playing this whole week and whatnot, now that you're here, now that you're in the middle of it, obviously, is it, has it been different than your expectations?  Has it met your expectations?  How has the experience been?
T.J. VOGEL:  It is way better than I thought.  This experience, I can't even explain even in words.  I'm just having such a great time playing in front of so many people and it's just a really cool feeling when you know you hit a great shot and you got people cheering for you.  And I'm not used to that yet.  It's just really cool.

Q.  Our job is try to pull words from you.  So you can articulate it.  But you did a great job.  You're doing great.
T.J. VOGEL:  Thank you.

Q.  Sleeping last night compared to how you think you're going to sleep tonight?  A little different?
T.J. VOGEL:  I don't think so.  I actually slept pretty good.  I took some stuff that knocked me out though.
(Laughter.)  I wasn't going to‑‑

Q.  Over the counter?
T.J. VOGEL:  Oh, yeah.  Yeah.  I think that if I didn't, I probably wouldn't have slept well.  I was nervous.  I mean, who wouldn't be?
So I felt like I needed a good night's sleep and I didn't stay up here, because I wanted a nice bed, so.

Q.  Did you find a hotel?
T.J. VOGEL:  Someone's house.  My family rented a nice house.

Q.  Is there one or two things then specifically that you do different tomorrow and you think that the outcome's going to be a little bit better?
T.J. VOGEL:  Yeah, I just need to ‑‑ I think I know what to expect tomorrow.  Didn't really, you know, during the week I had nerves, but it wasn't tournament nerves.
Today was tournament nerves.  I just got quick at the beginning.  I just missed a lot of shots.  Once I found my rhythm, I just told myself to just try to take everything about half speed and I started hitting it much better.
So I feel like if I have that same mindset going into the beginning of the round tomorrow, then I'll be able to have a better start and make some putts.

Q.  Your goal is to come back here as a pro and do it 10, 20, 30 times, right?
T.J. VOGEL:  Of course.

Q.  What will you do the rest of the day today?
T.J. VOGEL:  Today I'm going to eat a nice lunch, because I'm starving.  And then I'm going to probably going to practice for a little bit.  Work on my rhythm.
I thought I chipped pretty decent today, which is something that I didn't think, I thought that would be my weakest point, but it was actually one of my strongest points.  I hit a lot a lot of good chips.  And then working on my putting.  I missed a few putts.

Q.  Are you not able to eat breakfast or what happened?
T.J. VOGEL:  Not really.  I tried.

Q.  What was on the menu?
T.J. VOGEL:  I had French toast, oatmeal, and fruit.  And I really, I had it, I tried.  I ate about half my French toast and my whole oatmeal and some fruit and that was about it.  And now I'm starving.  So now that the round's over, I'm good to go.

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