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April 11, 2013

Jim Furyk


Q.  Can you tell us about your round and how you played today?
JIM FURYK:  Oh, I feel good about it.  Obviously you want to get off to a good solid start, not only on the 18 holes, but I think to start off the day.
You got some nerves going at the first Major of the year and I made about a, I don't know what it was, a 60 or 70‑footer at 3 and that seemed to calm me down and then I started hitting it pretty close.
I hit it close at 6, 7, made birdie at 8 after messing up a pitch shot, made a nice putt behind it, and I was kind of off to the races.
I made that bogey at 9 and kind of cooled off a bit, but the back nine was good.  I hit some good shots, I had some good shots for birdie that I couldn't convert on, but I also put myself in difficult spots on like 11, 12, and 13 and was able to knock in some 5‑ and 6‑footers for par.  So I kept a good round going as well.

Q.  How great was that scrambling on the back nine that you did.
JIM FURYK:  From 11 to 13 real good.  The rest of it was pretty solid.  I had good birdie putts at 14, 15, I was on the green at 16, a very easy up‑and‑down at 17 from where I was, I left it on a really nice spot, and then I had a really good birdie look at 18 as well.  And a good birdie chance at 10.
So it was that 11 through 13 where the round could have gotten away from me.  And a good up‑and‑down from the right side at 11, good up‑and‑down from back left on 12 and a really difficult lie there.

Q.  Talk about the one on 11.
JIM FURYK:  The pitch shot?  I was just hoping it would, if you saw me kind of going like that, I was hoping it would just check and grab and it didn't.

Q.  Somebody said it looked like it grazed the edge?
JIM FURYK:  No, I don't think so.  It was a little hard.  I was kind of rooting for it to ‑‑ probably off my reaction, I was kind of hoping for it to check a little bit and stay in there a little tighter.  But I had to make about a 7‑footer there.

Q.  Talking about your reaction, I thought you were in the water on 15.  That's what it looked like by the way the fans reacted?
JIM FURYK:  Right.  No, I had a right‑to‑left lie and I had a lot of club in my hand, so I was trying to kind of saw off a really soft cut, which sometimes is hard to do off that right‑to‑left lie.  And I kind of pulled it off nicely, I just blocked it a touch and the wind took it and it got in that bunker.  And I was disappointed.  I knew it was the perfect distance, trajectory, spin, I mean it just, I just blocked it a touch.
And I left myself a really easy up‑and‑down.  I had a bunker shot there that came out a touch short, which got it going left a little bit more.  I was trying to fly it a little farther than that with a little bit more spin and it came out a little short and ran out.
And that left me that 6‑footer straight up hill.  And I made some really nice par saves and there were three like hanging left to righters, on 11, 12, and 13.  And sure enough I got the easiest one, straight up the hill, inside right from six feet and I missed it.  So I was disappointed, but I made a bunch of putts today and I played a good round.

Q.  How long were the putts at 6, 7, and 8?
JIM FURYK:  6 was a foot.  I hit that one in there stiff.
7 was probably 10 feet at most.
8, I made, I was right in front of the green in two and kind of flubbed a chip and made about a 20, 25‑footer.

Q.  Last week, how does that make you feel coming into this week and because, obviously you started a little later in the season, starting at Pebble Beach.
JIM FURYK:  Well, it was good.  You know, I wanted to play, I didn't want to take two weeks off, and I didn't have the greatest of outings at Bay Hill.
So I, to go in there and really get ‑‑ I took a week off, which I probably needed, I played six out of seven weeks before.  I needed a week off.  So I was recharged.
There were some things I really wanted to work on the off week and I had a couple, a little bit of an equipment, I won't say new equipment, but I was really working hard on a driver and some different things.  So I got a couple rounds in with the off week and really felt like I was moving in the right direction.  And last week really solidified that and made me believe in what I was doing and gave me some confidence.

Q.  I know you were working on the two driver setup at least the first day at San Antonio, the nine and a half and the ten and a half, you pulled the nine and a half out because you felt like it was going a little left?
JIM FURYK:  It was going left.  I just never got comfortable with it.  I worked here a little bit on the range with some different shafts and what I ended up doing is really just sticking with the ten and a half range.
I thought I could play two drivers, one that I could hit maybe a little shorter and straighter, one that I could ‑‑ kind of like a souped up 3‑wood ‑‑ and one that I could really rip and bomb it a long way.  And what I ended up with was playing one driver right in the middle of the two.
And I feel like I've got a little bit more distance than what I was hitting it last week, but also it's straight as well as I was playing it last week.
So the two driver idea was, I think, a good idea, I just never got comfortable with the nine and a half and don't think that the spin‑‑ I could launch it high, but the spin coming off was never right and the ball flight wasn't as great as I wanted it.  So the ten and a half seems to have the right spin.  I just need to adjust that loft and get it right where I want it.  But it feels pretty good right now.

Q.  How close is this to your best putting day here given the circumstances, the tournament, the greens, all that stuff?
JIM FURYK:  Oh, it was a solid day, but I putted better last week, I would say.  But I was out here thinking about it, thinking about how these greens do put a lot of extra stress on you and even when you're 20 feet straight uphill, you don't want to knock it three or four feet by, because you don't want that 3‑ or 4‑footer coming back down the hill.
And so today was kind of getting my feet wet and getting used to the speed.  I was a little, I went to the putting green this morning and was ‑‑ I easily noticed that I thought they were a touch quicker today than what I saw on Tuesday and Wednesday.  So I wanted to hit a bunch of putts out there and get solid.
And then when I got out, I missed my speed on the first couple of holes and then made a really long snake on 3.  I think that kind of calmed me down and I putted solid.
But I putted, I was mad about what I, how I putted on Saturday of Bay Hill, but I felt like last week was by far my most solid putting week and so I had a lot of confidence.

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