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April 11, 2013

David Toms


Q.テつ 2‑under par.テつ Are you happy with that?
DAVID TOMS:テつ I'm very happy.テつ It's a good start.テつ It's about how I played, really.テつ I had some opportunities that I didn't capitalize on, but then I recovered well a couple times for nice pars.
So 2‑under par was about how I played, I would say.テつ So it was a very good start to this year's Masters.

Q.テつ How scoreable is it out there?
DAVID TOMS:テつ Early on very much so.テつ Greens seem to be getting a little firmer and quicker on the back nine, but we didn't have much wind to deal with for the first nine holes and really for the first 12, because we really didn't have much of it on 12 either.テつ But it's definitely a scoreable opportunity and I wish I could have played a little bit better, but still a good start.

Q.テつ And the next couple of days?
DAVID TOMS:テつ Yeah, yeah, well, we'll see what this weather does this afternoon, see what it does to the golf course, have a game plan after that.

Q.テつ Talk about 15.
DAVID TOMS:テつ Yeah, one of the few times I've been able to go for that green in competition in recent years.テつ So I guess I made the most of it.
I hit a three hybrid there, I don't know what the total was, I hit it just over the back of the green and putted in from the fringe.テつ So it was nice to pick up an extra shot there.

Q.テつ Good finish.テつ Compare how you felt, how comfortable you felt and how you hit it to the rest of the times you've played here.テつ Was this one of your better rounds?
DAVID TOMS:テつ Well, it was one of my better rounds.テつ I really picked targets out well, I decided where I wanted to hit my second shots and clubbed well.テつ You kind of have to do that around this course because you can get in some bad spots if you don't.テつ So I was proud of the way that I was able to do that, for sure.

Q.テつ Did you feel better as the week went on last week with your ball striking?テつ It seemed like you were hitting the ball well.
DAVID TOMS:テつ No, I actually, the last month or so I felt okay striking the ball, I just haven't scored very well.テつ And today I was able to hang in there and have a good score.

Q.テつ How does it feel to see some older guys under par.
DAVID TOMS:テつ Well, I didn't really pay too much attention to it.テつ But it doesn't surprise me.

Q.テつ Talking to some of the newcomers here, they get nervous all week, but what about a fellow like you?
DAVID TOMS:テつ I think we all get nervous, because it's just the anticipation of how you're going to play and how you're going to play each hole and do the best you can.
So I think that's just kind of that nervous energy that ‑‑ it's not the type where you haven't been here before, it's the type of what's going to happen out there.テつ So I think that's the way most of the veterans probably are around this place.

Q.テつ Do you feel it on the first tee?
DAVID TOMS:テつ Oh, absolutely on the first tee.テつ Yeah.テつ As soon as they say your name that you're about to drive the ball, you just hope you drive it pretty well.テつ It's pretty neat.

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