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April 11, 2013

Kevin Na


Q.  Wanted to get some general comments about your round today.
KEVIN NA:  I played very well.  Especially the back nine.  I felt like I made one bad mistake on 9 that cost me a double bogey, but I turned around and on the back nine I played very solid.
I was able to eagle 15.  I hit the best drive I hit in here in four years and I had 6‑iron in.  And I made a great putt.  And Woosie made an eagle too, so we halved with an eagle.  So we had little fist pump, a little pound there.
So I had a great time out there.  This is a special place that I love coming to.

Q.  And the conditions, how did the course play?  Was it hard, was it fast?
KEVIN NA:  You know, it was somewhat receptive, the greens.  The wind are starting to pick up, I know the weather's going to start changing, so it will be interesting how the golf course changes with this weather.

Q.  I was in the bleachers on 8 there and I didn't see where you were, but how good of an up‑and‑down was that?
KEVIN NA:  That was probably one of my top three in my life.  I mean, I hit ‑‑ I hit it left off the tee, I guess it caught the bottom of the tree and went straight in the bushes.  I was lucky just to find the ball.  These guys, they had spotters out there and they did an unbelievable job to find my ball.  I would have never found it if it was just our group.
And I called unplayable, and I had somewhat of an opening and I didn't even walk up to it, I had no clue.  I just trusted Kenny, my caddie and he just said, hit it here, 95 yards, and I said okay.  And I hit it 95 yards and I looked up and it was about seven feet.

Q.  How big of an opening was it when you got there?
KEVIN NA:  I would say it was about a four yard opening.

Q.  Were you confident that you could pull it off?
KEVIN NA:  Yes and no.

Q.  How long of a putt on 15?
KEVIN NA:  I would say about 20 feet.

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