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April 10, 2013

Jack Nicklaus


Q.  What was your first shot at your first Masters?
JACK NICKLAUS:  Probably hooked it off the first tee.  There wasn't any trees in the left and probably played it from somewhere between 1 and 9 because that was the easiest place to play from.  That's probably what I did.  I don't remember, but I think I probably did that.

Q.  How was today?
JACK NICKLAUS:  I knocked it on the green, probably 8‑putted.  I don't know.

Q.  How special was today?
JACK NICKLAUS:  We had a good time.  We didn't do anything that was special for that other than having one of your grandkids caddie for you.  That's fun.  Good day.

Q.  Are you maybe having a meeting with the youngster from China at some point?
JACK NICKLAUS:  I've already done that.

Q.  How did it go for your guys?
JACK NICKLAUS:  Fine, fine.  It was nice meeting him.  Nice young men.

Q.  A lot of knowledge imparted in that meeting?
JACK NICKLAUS:  Well, it was about life.  Life and education and how to help him with his life and where he's going forward.

Q.  Some clear‑cut advice‑‑
JACK NICKLAUS:  I didn't think it was my position to do that.  His parents are with him and his parents do that.  All he did was ask me questions and I ask answered him.

Q.  Was there anything specific about the course that you were able to impart to him?
JACK NICKLAUS:  We didn't talk about it.  Going to take him some time to learn the golf course.

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