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April 10, 2013

Ernie Els


Q.テつ You are 3‑under, is that right?
ERNIE ELS:テつ I was 4‑under.

Q.テつ 4‑under, okay.
ERNIE ELS:テつ But that's not good enough.

Q.テつ Not good enough?

Q.テつ Do you want to win?
ERNIE ELS:テつ I'm (indiscernible).

Q.テつ Do you remember your first Masters shot, the very first one you ever hit?
ERNIE ELS:テつ I actually don't.テつ I remember a lot of things from my first Masters, but I don't remember my first shot.

Q.テつ What was your favorite memory from the Masters?
ERNIE ELS:テつ Really shooting 67 with Ben Crenshaw in the second round.テつ I shot 74 the first round, and I went out and shot a 67 almost flawless.テつ So that was great.

Q.テつ What was your best shot that day, do you remember?
ERNIE ELS:テつ I think I impressed Ben with my putting.

Q.テつ Okay.
ERNIE ELS:テつ Can you believe that?テつ Made some good putts, and he walked off and said that.テつ This is back in '93.

Q.テつ Now that you've got the British again last year, do you feel like you're at that level to get this Masters title that's eluded you?
ERNIE ELS:テつ Well, I mean, like I said to you earlier, I'm not bringing a lot of game into this Masters, but I've been working hard.テつ I'm just hoping for this thing to turn around.
I had a couple of good rounds in Thailand twoweeks ago.テつ You know, it's just‑‑ I'd love it.テつ Let me put it that way.テつ I've worked hard at it.テつ But the belief must come.テつ We'll see how it goes tomorrow.

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