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April 7, 2013

Lizette Salas


Q. テつProbably not the day you were looking for.テつ Just talk about how it went for you.
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ Well, obviously I'm not very pleased with it.テつ Very disappointed in myself.テつ But it was one of those days where it could have gone from bad to worse, and starting off with a double wasn't in the game plan, but everyone is going to have those days where they're just not going to be able to score, and bad luck, it was the last day of a major championship for me.
You know, I have to look at the bright side, and learning from Inbee, there's a reason why she's No.4 in the world.テつ It's just a learning experience for me, and I'm really upset, but I just have to look back and say look how far I've come from last year to this year.
There's lots of positives, and you just have to‑‑ I just have to dig deeper and figure out what happened today and just the shots weren't there.

Q.テつ If you would just take us through the first hole.テつ It kind of changed the outlook of the day with Inbee birdieing and you had a double.テつ What happened on the second shot?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ The second shot, it just came a little too quick.テつ Throughout the day I was just really anxious and hit a lot of pulls today and was‑‑ it was just not myself today.テつ But I did all the preparation I could.テつ I hit the ball great on the range.テつ It just doesn't happen.テつ I couldn't control everything today, and I tried to finish with a birdie, and unfortunately it didn't happen.

Q.テつ How nice was it to have so many supporters out there who I know have your back?
LIZETTE SALAS:テつ No, it was great.テつ You know, if it wasn't for them, it probably would have gone way worse today.テつ But knowing that they came to watch me play, I just tried to keep smiling for them, and even though I was very angry inside and very frustrated, I tried not to let it show because they came here to support me, and I just couldn't ask for better fans.テつ That's why I'm here on the LPGA is to bring more fans and bring smiles to kids' faces.

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