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April 7, 2013

Stacy Lewis


Q.  What do you look forward to the most about 2013?
STACY LEWIS:  Just a lot of events to play still.  I've won twice already and just kind of gotten off to a really good start, so I'm excited.  We still have four majors left, and Solheim is probably even a higher importance than those majors.  We've got a lot of good stuff coming this year.

Q.  Since you've taken the No.1 ranking, what kind of attention have you received in the golf world or even outside of it?
STACY LEWIS:  It's been crazy.  I expected to get the attention at the tournaments and at the course, but I've been surprised at things off the course, just going into a Walgreen's or a CVS and getting recognized, it's kind of surprising, so it's definitely been a little bit of an adjustment.

Q.  You'll be making the rounds on some national interviews coming up soon?
STACY LEWIS:  Yeah.  I'm actually going to the Masters next week for the Golf Writers Awards, and we're stopping in Atlanta to do something at CNN.  We're going to get some recognition for this Tour, and right now I guess I'm the face of it.

Q.  Going to spend some time with Dr.Sanjay Gupta?
STACY LEWIS:  That's right.

Q.  What's your assessment of Inbee's performance so far?
STACY LEWIS:  I've seen Inbee do this before.  I played with her at Evian last year when she had I think 22 or 23 putts in the final round.  When she rolls it, you can't beat her.  She's the best putter on Tour.  The course here is a little softer than normal, so I think that's to her advantage.  She doesn't hit it quite as high as some other people, but when she's rolling it you're not going to beat her.

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