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April 5, 2013

Bogdan Obradovic

Viktor Troicki


S. QUERREY/V. Troicki
7‑6, 3‑6, 4‑6, 6‑1, 6‑4

THE MODERATOR:  Questions for Bogdan and Viktor.

Q.  Bogdan, Novak was mentioning how he might be open for doubles play tomorrow.  Have you decided your lineup for that?
CAPTAIN OBRADOVIC:  I didn't make a decision yet.  We going to sit all of us together tonight, so we will make a decision.  Still the good option I that I have three players who are ready to play doubles, so we will see.

Q.  Viktor, you looked pretty good through the third set.  Talk about from the fourth fifth set what you think transpired.
VIKTOR TROICKI:  Well, yeah, I start pretty slow in the first set and tried to get back in that set; gave everything, a lot focus, and also kept it throughout the second and third set, which I think I did good.
Then, yeah, I get a bit tired mentally, and also physically my legs were not 100% and got a bit slower.  I could say fourth set I just like wasn't there.
But then fifth set I think we both played pretty good.  I had some chances early in the fifth.  I had some break points; didn't use them.  He used his chances when he had a break point in a crucial moment for me.
So I could say I was unlucky to lose this serve and also, yeah, to lose the match.  But that's tennis.  I think we both played pretty good.
Right now I'm disappointed that I lost, but I think I gave everything.  I mean, it's tough to play against Sam in the States in front of his home crowd.
It's very disappointing, but I'll try to focus for the next days and be ready for other matches.

Q.  Just considering the physical toll of today, do you think you could play doubles tomorrow and come back and play singles on Sunday?
VIKTOR TROICKI:  Well, depends.  That we'll have to talk about tonight with the team.  I had a situation also in the first round of Davis Cup this year against Belgium where I also played five‑setter, a long five‑setter, and the next day I was ready to play doubles.  It's not something new for me.
But also we will have to discuss with all the players and the captain and see what is the best solution.  Yeah, we are still definitely going for the win.  We are even, and we still believe we can win this tie.

Q.  You mentioned that game in the fifth set there.  Looked like he really struggled with his serve in this game.  There was a lot of second serves and just couldn't get that break point.  Talk about that game a little bit.  Were there a couple chances that stand out that you missed there?
VIKTOR TROICKI:  Well, yeah, on the first break point he served well, I think.  He served a first serve.
Second one, I don't remember.  I remember it was a second serve.  I tried to return it deep, but in the end he played well.  I don't remember it right now.  Didn't have a really good chance.
The only disappointing chance that I didn't use in that game was the volley that I had on top of the net which went wide for an inch or less than an inch.  Yeah, that's the only disappointing shot that I felt I had in that game.
So that's tennis.  I mean, sometimes you're lucky; sometimes you're unlucky.  It was a close match and we both played really good.  We gave everything, and it was really important for both nations, so, yeah.

Q.  After coming back to force the tiebreaker in the first set, the next two sets looked like you were just rolling through.  Did you feel like you had the confidence going for you after three sets?
VIKTOR TROICKI:  Well, yeah.  I felt pretty good on the court.  I felt good with my shots.  I was making some good shots.  Yeah, I think I had high level of tennis in those second and third sets.
It's a pity I couldn't continue throughout the whole match to play like that.  Maybe would have been a different story.
But, yeah, as I said, Sam also played well.  Today he won.

Q.  Bogdan, were you surprised at the way the American fans sort of got into the match late in the Querrey match?
VIKTOR TROICKI:  Well, we are not surprised that there is Serbs all over the world.  Maybe there is more Serbs out of Serbia than in Serbia.
They cheer really good for us.  I just want to say big thanks to them.  And also I want to thank to the Americans that they cheer and are not a partisan crowd.  You guys are really good.
I just want to congratulate to all the players today.  I think this is what actually we need.

Q.  Viktor, you mentioned your leg, and we saw you getting treatment before the first set.  What was going on with the leg?
VIKTOR TROICKI:  Nothing major.  Just felt a little bit tightness in my calves.  Just wanted to refresh my legs.  Nothing major.  I still felt good and felt I was okay physically in the fifth set.  It was just maybe focus went down a little bit.
Physically I felt okay.

Q.  Seemed like through the second, third set Sam was missing a lot.  A lot of errors with his groundstrokes.  Seemed like in the fourth set he really got that turned around.  Did you notice a difference in terms of the precision?
VIKTOR TROICKI:  No, he just felt I was a bit down.  He felt my focus went down.  He used it pretty good.  He stepped up and played some great shots.
Credit to him.  He played good tennis in that fourth set and also in the fifth set.  I was, yeah, disappointed, as I said.  We'll come back and we will try to win next two matches.

Q.  I heard that maybe the team had met with a priest from Boise who had helped out with Serbian people in Kosovo.  Were you there?  And if so, could you talk about what that experience was like?
VIKTOR TROICKI:  Yeah, I was there with the priest.  He told us that he has a foundation for the people, Serbians in Kosovo.  They're really, really having tough time there.  Yeah, he was really nice.  He's a great person.  He's also going there, trying to help Serbian people there, and, yeah, bring them what they need.
That's really nice from him.  Yeah, he also wished us luck.  Yeah, it was really nice from him.

Q.  Bogdan, what did you see from Djokovic in the first match?  Seemed like the last couple sets he really got going.
CAPTAIN OBRADOVIC:  About Novak's match?  Well, I think that Novak played very good.  He started a little bit nervous, you know, because it's of course tough for him because everyone is expecting him from our team and from Serbia that he's going to win easily.
But it is not like that on the court.  So he was playing against very good player, and I think that he managed somehow to return to balls back.  The ball is bouncing really high here and the altitude and all this stuff, he's a great player.  And Viktor also.
They give just 100% effort for our team.  We still have a good atmosphere in our team.  We believe in ourself.  Tomorrow is new day, so we going to fight for another win.

Q.  Viktor, looking ahead it Sunday, the matchup with John Isner, what do you think of that on Sunday?
VIKTOR TROICKI:  We'll see.  First we have to see what the outcome is going to be tomorrow.  Bryan brothers are favorites, but we didn't give up that match.  We will try to win it.  Whoever goes on the court will give his best to try and win that match.
They are not unbeatable.  They lost last match in Brazil.  It's going to be tough obviously, but we'll try to it give everything.  We also have a great doubles specialist who beat them a lot of times.
So, yeah, I hope that me and John will just play an exhibition match.  But, yeah, if it's a live match, live rubber, I mean, it won't be easy definitely.  We'll see.  I beat him last time in Davis Cup.  I have a positive score against him.  So it won't be easy, but I feel confident playing against him.

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