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April 5, 2013

Paula Creamer


Q.  Solid day, anything different?  You sound a little hoarse.  I hate to ask; how you feeling?
PAULA CREAMER:  I'm definitely sick.  My grandma passed away, and I'm just not sleeping and my body kind of shut down.  But last night was a rough night, but other than that, I'm feeling a little bit better, so...

Q.  Anything different today on the course?
PAULA CREAMER:  No, I just made more putts.  I worked on my putting afterwards yesterday for a good half hour, with Colin and my dad.  Kind of came up with a little‑‑ just tried to get out over it a little bit more and just stuck with it.  I had a couple of bogeys early on, but fought back hard and played well on the back nine which is the front nine.

Q.  I apologize if this has been asked, but is this an emotional week for you because of your grandmother?
PAULA CREAMER:  Oh, yeah, very much so.  We were very close.  She had Parkinson's.

Q.  Was she a golfer?
PAULA CREAMER:  A little bit, but she loved watching and was a huge fan of mine.  She would come out here and come to the west coast events.  So, yeah, it is hard.  It's never easy losing someone that you're close to especially your grandmother.

Q.  Was she here last year?
PAULA CREAMER:  She did come, yes.

Q.  She did.  What did she like about you playing golf?
PAULA CREAMER:  Just that I loved what I was doing.  It didn't matter if I shot 85 or 65.  Really, like I said, it was my mom's mom, and grew up about 45 minutes from her and got to see her as much as I possibly could.

Q.  So you would go to grandma's house a lot?

Q.  Was she a great cook?  Did she do anything?
PAULA CREAMER:  She was just a fun‑‑ she was a grandma that took care of herself so well.  I've never met someone that was more into that and was very, very health conscious.  It's a shame Parkinson's, when you have that.  But I think she lasted as long as she did because of that.
She's the one I think that kind of got me‑‑ my mom has always been into fashion and things like that.  But my grandma always looked great, always.  She would always have her make‑up on, always looked perfect.  Actually to the day she passed away, we'd always put her make‑up on.

Q.  Did she have a favorite outfit that you wore?
PAULA CREAMER:  Anything.  I could have worn sweatpants and she said I looked cute.  She was great.  It has been hard.  A lot of my mom's side of the family lives here.

Q.  Did you think about not playing this week?
PAULA CREAMER:  No, she wouldn't have wanted that.  No way.  She would have been very upset if I didn't play.

Q.  Are you able to concentrate though and turn it into a positive on the course?
PAULA CREAMER:  Unfortunately, with my grandpa passing away last year, I kind of have to learn how to, in a sense, deal with loss, especially out here.  My grandfather and I were incredibly close.

Q.  Was this her husband?
PAULA CREAMER:  No, that was my dad's dad.  He was amazing.  One of the most amazing men I've ever met in my life.  So I kind of have gotten to‑‑ not used to in a sense, but how to deal with emotions off the golf course and on the golf course.  They have the best seat in the house now.  They're walking the fairways with me.

Q.  Are they helping you?
PAULA CREAMER:  I hope so.  I hope so.  I'm sure they're not hurting, that's for sure.

Q.  What is your grandmother's name?
PAULA CREAMER:  Florence Stanton.

Q.  And your grandpa?
PAULA CREAMER:  His name was Thomas Creamer.

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