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April 4, 2013

Jim Furyk


JIM FURYK:  I don't mind taking a week off before a major, but I didn't want to take two.  A couple of things led to me playing here rather than Houston.  I would say first and foremost, Houston is a high, right‑to‑left, bombing golf course, and I'm not any of those three, so that takes me out.  This golf course I was told was more about placing the ball, and I heard it was severe around the greens.  But it seemed like ‑‑ I had some guys say that I think it might suit your style better.
Then my kids had spring break last week, and I can't remember the last time I wasn't playing over spring break.  So this might be the first time since they've been in school that I was off during spring break.  So we had fun.  We went on a little vacation, and I was able to spend some time with the family which I needed.

Q.  Where did you go?
JIM FURYK:  We had a whirlwind, actually.  We were supposed to go to two places.  We were going to go out to Deer Valley, Park City area, a place that we love, and my boy broke his collarbone, so that took skiing out.  So we spent a little time down in St. Pete, Clearwater area, and it was cold.  My son loves the Yankees, so for him we went and watched a spring training game.  My wife went to Ohio State and I went to Arizona, and they played each other in L.A. on Thursday.  I went to that game with my wife and kids, and we had already planned to go to Cabo for four or five days and meet my parents, so we had a great time down there.

Q.  Did he break his collarbone on vacation?
JIM FURYK:  No, he did it a couple of weeks ago.  Probably three or four weeks ago now.

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