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April 3, 2013

Lexi Thompson


MIKE DUVALL:  Thanks for coming out.  I am Mike Duvall, I am the lead designer on Tiger Woods PGA Tour '14.  Today we're going to be looking at the Masters Historic Edition.
We are honored to have Lexi Thompson here with us today.  She's going to be playing the game using Microsoft Kinect, and I'll be telling you about all the great new features in the game.
With that in mind, I think we'll start kicking it off.  We have LPGA in the game for the first time, which is a huge honor for us.  And actually you're in the game for the first time.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yep, first time.
MIKE DUVALL:  We actually had Lexi out in Orlando and motion captured her swing this year, which was really cool.
I'm sure you remember that.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Oh, yeah.  All the sensors all over my body doing ever reaction in mind.
MIKE DUVALL:  Yeah.  Everybody thinks that that would be the coolest thing, but by the end of day you were ready to go home, weren't you?
LEXI THOMPSON:  It was a long day, but a really cool experience.
MIKE DUVALL:  Sweet.  All right, so I'm going to have Lexi tee off at hole 1 here at Mission Hills.  One of the cool things about this year's game again is we have the LPGA Tour in the game.  Very first time.  With that, we have the Kraft Nabisco Championship.
Go ahead, tee off.  You're good to go.  Rip it.  She's playing with the Xbox Kinect which actually tracks your body movement so you don't need to use a controller.
You do have to use a realistic goal swing.  You can't swing one‑handed like with other motion controls.  It makes for a much more interesting experience, because you actually get little bit of a work out, believe it or not.
Again, we're really excited to have Mission Hills Country Club in the game and this awesome tournament.  Here you can see how we have basically recreated the courses.  What we do when we do this in the game is we come out and spend about a week here and laser scan the entire course with a big laser.  Gets down to one millimeter of accuracy on the courses.
We keep that accuracy in and around the bunkers and the greens, but rest of the course it's down to 6 millimeters of accuracy.  So when we come out and scan a course ‑ and we do that for all the courses in the game except for one that I'm about to show you ‑ it really just let's us get the terrain of the course exactly perfect and the way the pros are going to be playing it today.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Oh, come on.
MIKE DUVALL:  I put it on difficult.  I thought, Well, she's practiced once before.
LEXI THOMPSON:  It's great though.
MIKE DUVALL:  I didn't teach you how to aim either.
LEXI THOMPSON:  That's right.
MIKE DUVALL:  I'll let you aim on the next one.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Okay.  I knew that putt was going right because it goes right on here.
MIKE DUVALL:  So the only thing we did in this year's game is we added a whole new broadcast presentation.  You can't hear them now, but Jim Nance and David Feherty are announcers in the game and they do a great job.
What did you get on that hole?
MIKE DUVALL:  Oh, sorry.  That was my fault.
We are going to move on to another course that we have in this year's game.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Oh, I know that one.
MIKE DUVALL:  It is Augusta.  We're going to go play at Augusta the way it was when it first opened in 1934.  It's part of our Masters Historic Editon of the game.  So go up here, click down here, so that's a presentation on this course.  It's vastly different.  It ties into one of the big features in this year's game, which is the legendary golfers.  We have nine legends altogether.  Arnold Palmer, we have a couple versions of Arnold; and Jack Nicklaus, we have a couple versus of him as well.
But we're going to take you back in time.  Kinect again and it will load.  So the first thing you're going to notice is that the presentation is completely different.  We didn't want to just create an art filter over the golf course to make it look old.
We actually went through and changed all of the physics for the balls, the clubs.  We recreated the 1934 course as it was back in that time period.
I mentioned earlier that there was one course we didn't scan, and it's this one because obviously it was a course that we could not get access to.
What we did is worked with golf historians and Augusta itself and recreated the course back when it first opened.  You'll notice the trees with much shorter and sparser.  You'll the notice the crowd is in period clothing.  You'll notice Lexi has period clothing on as well.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Oh, wow.  I like it.  I like it.  All right.
MIKE DUVALL:  The first thing you'll notice besides the graphic‑‑ can we get the game volume up again‑‑ is that we also have the realistic clubs from that time frame.  You won't hear any metal.  After this little event that we're having we actually have some old time clubs at the driving range that we're going to be testing out and taking some shots with.
So if you want to head out there after this, by all means, come take a peek.  This was definitely one of the hardest courses we made with the little amount of data that actually existed on it.  Augusta National was an invaluable resource in putting this all together and getting us in contact with the golf historians that really know what the course was like.
Making this course took us the entire year, but we spent an entire week with these golf historians and nitpicked every hole and the shape of every bunkers.  One thing you'll notice when you play are that the greens are a lot more severe in the undulations and slopes than in current day.
You'll notice if you look back towards the fairway that it's a lot more hilly than it is today.
LEXI THOMPSON:  You were going to show me how to aim.
MIKE DUVALL:  All right.  Let's get crazy.  Actually, let's test the voice recognition.  "Aim shot."  Doesn't always like to do that when we have a microphone on.
So put your hand up and move it up a little higher.  Swipe to the right.  Sorry, to the left.  Now stick your hand out and close your fist.
It's a little hard to see the aimer.  Oh, there it is.  Move it around with your hand.  Pull it back, back towards you, pull it in.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Where is my putt?
MIKE DUVALL:  We passed the hole.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Oh, well, how do you get... did you want to do this for me?
MIKE DUVALL:  Sure.  All right.  Try to again.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Oh, got to go down.  I was going back.  All right.
MIKE DUVALL:  I don't know where we want to aim this.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Right there.
MIKE DUVALL:  Right there?
MIKE DUVALL:  All right.  Let's give it a shot.  I'll just step up and putt it in.
LEXI THOMPSON:  I should putt it for you.  (Laughter.)
MIKE DUVALL:  Misread it.  (Laughter.)
So we not only have the 1930s era coinciding with the legendary golfers we have, we created a mode called (Indiscernible over video game noise.)  We have six unique golfing eras in the game all the way from the early 1900s to today.  When you play through this mode, Legends of the Majors, you play as or against legends, all the legendary golfers in the game at major championship scenarios.
Another great feature of this year's game is that we have all of the major tournament licenses for the first time.  We're really focusing on tournament golf.  It's the first time that when you go into any of the majors we'll have all the branding, trophies, signage, and everything will look like it does at the real tournament.
Going back to Legends of the Majors mode, in that mode, like I was saying before, you play as or against legends.  You get the opportunity this to unlock all these different eras:  the '30s, '50s, '60s, '70s, '80s, all the way up to current day.  You can play any of those eras on any of the courses in our game.
It's just a cool new way to expand the game play.  It just really brings a whole 'nother level to the game.
Have you had enough?
LEXI THOMPSON:  It's very cool.
MIKE DUVALL:  We're up here if you guys want to ask some questions.  I'm sure you want to ask Lexi some questions.  Make sure you go out to the driving range and check out the old time clubs.
Are they allowed to hit the clubs?  Yeah, take some swings with the old time clubs.  If you get the game, you'll probably notice they will hit a lot like the ones you're going to hit later.
Fire away.

Q.  (No microphone.)
LEXI THOMPSON:  I used to play a lot of video games with my brother when I was younger.  Now that I'm on a video game I have to play it now.
I have a Wii and a Kinect, so definitely be hooking that up and be hitting on those golf courses and playing.

Q.  (No microphone.)
LEXI THOMPSON:  Of course I do.  I'm coming into this week and that's my main goal.  I just got to take one shot at a time, it's a major, and you're going to have bad holes and you're going to make bogeys.  There are plenty of birdie holes out there to take advantage of.  The sky is the limit for goals for me.
I have a lot years to go.  Just take one shot at a time.

Q.  Ino microphone.)
LEXI THOMPSON:  I am 12:58 with Karrie.  It's a great group, and good to get to play with somebody like that.

Q.  (No microphone.)
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, it's a great group.  Thank you very much.

Q.  (No microphone.)
LEXI THOMPSON:  I think so.  I think so.  It's truly amazing that they can do that.  To get to play in old times with wooden clubs and everything and just to hear the sound difference is amazing.  I've hit those older clubs so it is quite a difference.
To actually see me playing that course, it's amazing what they have done.
MIKE DUVALL:  From a gamemakers' perspective, creating the female golfers was pretty cool because earrings are involved, a lot of flair that some of the guys don't necessarily wear.  I know your lady bug earrings are in the game.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Yeah, it's amazing how much the avatar looks like me.  It has my stare, too.  It looks just like me.
MIKE DUVALL:  Funny, when we put you in the game, you hit the ball so far that I thought it was a bug at first.  I thought, Wait, there is no way.  They said, Yeah, she hits it that far.  I was like, Oh, my God.
LEXI THOMPSON:  It's great.
MIKE DUVALL:  Any other questions?  All right.  We'll wrap it up.  Thank you very much.
Thank you very much, Lexi.
LEXI THOMPSON:  Thank you.

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