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April 2, 2013

Nate Austin

Tyler Haws

Dave Rose


BAYLOR テや 76
BYU テや 70

DAVE ROSE:テつ Well, congratulations to Coach Drew and the Baylor team.テつ I thought they were just terrific down the stretch.テつ They made every big play that they needed to make, and I thought it was a great game.テつ I thought both teams played hard.テつ I thought it was a well‑played game.テつ I'm really proud of our guys.テつ There's a lot of things we needed to do we felt going into this game to be able to win, and a couple of them we were able to do.テつ We out‑rebounded them, and I think that speaks volumes to the effort that we got from our players.テつ We hit a little scoring drought there in the second half where they got a little lead and we weren't able to come back from that.
But I think that the big plays that were made by Baylor down the stretch were probably the difference in the game, and then I'm just, again, really proud of our guys how we fought back from being 10 down and got it to a one‑possession game.

Q.テつ Can you talk about the first time they sort of contained you to only 13 points when you guys played back in December?テつ What was different about the way Baylor's defense approached you and you approached them tonight.
TYLER HAWS:テつ I think in that first game I got in a little foul trouble and it kind of disrupted the rhythm of the game the first time we played.テつ Today I just wanted to attack and be smart and stay aggressive for 40 minutes, and was able to get in a little bit of a rhythm, but it's tough that we weren't able to make the plays we needed to down the stretch.テつ You've got to give a lot of credit to Baylor.テつ They played a great game.

Q.テつ Tyler, the key sequence there was probably when you missed the 12‑footer, tough shot, and then on the next possession you got the charge on the sideline.テつ Can you describe how that kind of took place?
TYLER HAWS:テつ Yeah, stuff like that happens in the game, and you just have to pick yourself up and keep playing.テつ But there were a few key plays going down the stretch that Baylor made and we didn't that helped them win the game.

Q.テつ Nate, Baylor having all that size inside, did you see that as an opportunity to come in and play well and get some rebounds and shots?
NATE AUSTIN:テつ Yeah, I think playing against bigger guys, with my length and stuff like that, it's fun for me to go against competition like that, especially in a game like this.テつ I just wanted to give it my all because I learned so much from a guy like Craig and Brock and Brandon all these years.テつ I just wanted to play well and play hard for them.

Q.テつ You mentioned staying aggressive.テつ On a night when the three‑ball is not going, what do you tell someone like Matt when he has to keep shooting and he eventually hits those threes toward the end of the game?
TYLER HAWS:テつ Yeah, Matt is a guy that has a shooter's mentality and when he misses one it doesn't bother him.テつ He's got a lot of confidence in himself, and he was able to, I think, get it down to a one‑possession game when we were trying to claw our way back from a 10‑point deficit.テつ So he's got that shooting mentality.

Q.テつ Dave, you said you had some goals and you accomplished most of them and you mentioned rebounding.テつ What were some of the others you said you had to do and maybe you did to keep it close?
DAVE ROSE:テつ Well, I thought the pace of the game would be important for us, and we wanted to get more shots than they did, and it ended up being even there.テつ They got to the free‑throw line a few more times than we did.
But this is a really difficult match‑up for us because of their size inside and the quickness on their guard line.テつ You know, the effort I think the last three or four weeks from our team has just been terrific, and these guys have given us everything that we've asked for as a staff.
I thought that the turnovers in the first half hurt us, and that was something we really wanted to correct in the second half and did a much better job of playing turnover free in the second half.テつ I think we only turned it over three or four times in the second half, and that led to us getting opportunities at the basket.テつ What we needed to do was take advantage of a lot of the open shots that we got.テつ And a lot of it, give Baylor credit.テつ They locked up some of our options and left Matt out there on his own and might have had some good looks that I know we'd like to have back, but at the end he came through for us and got us close, but we weren't able to get over the hump.

Q.テつ Can you talk about Nate Austin and what he gave you tonight?
DAVE ROSE:テつ Well, I think that Nate's effort the last probably month and a half of the season has been terrific.テつ He's actually‑‑ we had a hard time keeping him on the floor because he was in foul trouble quite a bit.テつ But the last three or four games he's just been so valuable to our team, and just great experience for a young guy.テつ He's a sophomore with two more years, and I think he really found a niche how he could help our team.
He got his hand on a lot of balls that he doesn't get credit for rebounding‑wise, but obviously 11 rebounds tonight, seven of them on the offensive boards, those were opportunities for us to get more shots.
When you take the nucleus of that group as far as Nate and Matty and Ty, all being second‑year guys, what's next as far as these guys go.

Q.テつ What happened with Matt on his calf, and were you expecting he might not play?テつ And also just his future, how much did the last three weeks shape his next year?
DAVE ROSE:テつ Well, he kind of had a cramp and got that loosened up, and it didn't bother him after the first few minutes of the game.テつ You know, Matt is a guy who is kind of a streaky offensive player, and I think when you look to the future with Matt that there's so much potential.テつ But the most important thing is consistency with Matt, and I think that will be his focus and our focus.テつ But I think the confidence that he received from the last few weeks will really help him over the off season.

Q.テつ The game was really close until about seven minutes left and then they make a little run and go up by 10.テつ What broke down for you guys during that run for them?
DAVE ROSE:テつ Well, I think as I recall we missed a couple of open shots, turned the ball over, and then I thought Pierre was really good.テつ He kind of took control of the game, and not only did he make shots for himself but he made big plays for his teammates.テつ We probably could have done a better job.テつ That's kind of a critical time, and when we got the charge, I think we were down six, and slowed that thing down, they got a time‑out and regrouped a little bit.テつ But it did kind of get away from us right there.
But we went multiple possessions during that stretch where I thought we got good looks at the basket, and we just didn't convert.

Q.テつ What do you do with a player like Matt who's so streaky?テつ Do you tell him to keep shooting or would you rather him cool it for a few?
DAVE ROSE:テつ Well, that's kind of a feel thing.テつ The way Baylor‑‑ what really kind of determines how we use Matt is how they game plan for him.テつ We knew that Matt was going to get really good looks at the basket because of how Baylor had‑‑ were playing his screens.テつ And so tonight we just felt the way they had‑‑ Brandon defended inside and the way they were guarding Tyler on the wing that Matty shooting those open shots was a good percentage for us.テつ Could have used those shots a little bit earlier, but I'm glad he hit them late and tried to make it a game.

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