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March 30, 2013

Peter Oosterhuis


Q.  Thanks so much, bogey-free in the 3rd round.  We were talking about before coming on about how much this golf course played differently than we've seen the first two days.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah.  You know, in the mornings you got to take your chances making birdies, and then last few holes it got really, really firm, the greens, and it changes it.  It gets to be a very tough golf course.

Q.  Good round today, 3rd place finish here a year ago.  What is it about this golf course that brings out the best in you?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  I don't know.  Probably the excitement of playing Augusta in two weeks.  That's a great trek.  I think it's a great way to get yourself ready for Augusta and it's to get yourself ready.

Q.  Great playing today, 7-under par, no bogies today, calm early this morning.  Knew you'd get one.  Had to be pretty happy.  When it's all said and done, it's tough.  When it seems like it's going to be an easy day, you got to go out there and do it.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  The front-9, the greens were soft.  You can really attack it, but, I mean, middle of the back-9 it started getting really tough with the wind picking up, the sun comes out and the greens get really firm.  All in all, you know, I putted well today and I gave myself good opportunities and made good putts.

Q.  Did you see the round coming, cruising around, 70, 72?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  I've been working on a lot of things.  I've been struggling the last few weeks and, you know, yesterday and the day before I thought I play really well my three stupid bogies, and today it just felt like it came together.

Q.  It's nice to know from my point of view that the best swing in golf actually struggled a little bit.  Great playing, keep it going on Sunday.

Q.  Talk about your round today.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah, I played really well.  Made good putts.  Probably took it on -- the golf course was quite soft this morning and quite a few birdies out there.  Started getting really tough the last four holes, the greens drying out, and it's a different golf course late afternoon.

Q.  Louis, to be in this spot, 18 to go, I guess your thought process heading into the final round.
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Very similar to what I've done today.  Trying to give myself as many birdie opportunities.  I haven't really made any putts the first two rounds, but made a few today.  Just trying to hit as many greens as I can tomorrow.

Q.  What's the toughest thing out there today, the wind, or what's the toughest thing?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  I think the last few holes, you know, the wind just to get the distance right of how much it's going to release.  You know, the shot on the last hole released so far with a shortest iron.  Definitely in the afternoon the greens get very firm and you need to account for that.

Q.  Last year at this time you were the leader at 54 holes and, you know, obviously you must have been disappointed not to come out in 3rd place and not win the tournament because were you in position.  Little different position this year.  What are your thoughts going into that and you got to remember what happened last year as well?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  Yeah.  I'm not going to really change anything with regard to tomorrow.  I'm working on getting the game right for the Masters and, you know, still got a few things that I'm working on.  I need to tidy up some shots.  I hit it really well today and made some putts.  The key to playing well at Augusta is making putts.

Q.  Everybody likes having a lead, obviously, but is it a little different mindset coming in, you know, more than likely you won't have the lead going into today.  Is it a little different mindset being the chaser on the final day rather than in the final group?
LOUIS OOSTHUIZEN:  It's always a bit easier chasing.  But, yeah, you know, the guys at the top are playing well.  Early on is very important in the final round of chasing, you need to start well, make a couple birdies the first 6, 7 holes just to show your face there, and, yeah, other than that, just put the pressure, keep the pressure on.

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